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Canon EOS M3 Hands-On Field Test



  1. Florentine Eirenes

    is worth it?

  2. I've watched few videos about fuji xt10 n canon g7x.. In yr opinion which one is more easier and simple to use for travel?

  3. Panagiotis Stefanopoulos

    i heard the word "new york" more times than in Sex and the city…

  4. So, EOS m3 still lame here? what do you think TCS, I want camera but what camera should I pick? M3 or 760D? or any mirrorless should I buy? but don't recommend me sony a6000 its always heating up people says

  5. 7:44 what the name of the tool on top of the camera ?

  6. I have watched hundreds of hours of video reviews, and these are my favourites. This presenter is a like the non-sense camera expert friend we all need! Keep up the good work!

  7. since canon eos m3 is much cheaper now , it might be possible i might choose it over the sony a5100. i hear a lot of complaints about the sony series overheating very quick during videos. thats a big no no !!

  8. can you make a comparison also of canon m3 vs. sony a5100. thank you ☺

  9. Kennedy Linhares

    Is it good to amador that likes to travel and also watch sport and needs a compact camera?

  10. StardollConfidential

    Canon eos m3 or Sony a5100

  11. had a question am I able to use an sdxc card 64gb on my canon 6ti for photo and video?

  12. Move_I_Got_This

    it's cheap now but with the slow auto focus and 30 fps video, I think I'm going to pass on this.

  13. at same price or below the EOS M3 what your other choice for mirrorless camera?

  14. Honest review, Thanks much

  15. so lens efm 22mm stm is lens fix or wide??

  16. I want an intagrated viewfinder

  17. i prefer TCS to any other reviewer here on youtube. You guys should have waaaay more subs…

  18. From outside of Japan, Canon may seem like it`s `not trying`. And I guess maybe that is the truth. But within Japan, they have millions and millions of customers who buy this camera, especially EF lens users, and I am sure they`re not bothered by the superior competition. Being able to just throw one of my 6 EF lenses on an extra body this small, with that adaptor which includes a tripod mount, is a huge huge bonus.

  19. Do you recommend the G7X the most for Vlogging? Any better options with external mic option that's small? I already have a Nikon 5100 DSLR which I love but need something much smaller and portable for vlogging.

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