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1999 Sony Digital8 camcorder review & test



  1. Ricardo Martinez

    insit it still tech,necly a vhs cam sense it uses 8mm vhs

  2. God i love these beasts, you don't get cameras this cool nowadays, all the same thing.

  3. How much did you buy it for?

  4. I recently purchased a TRV48E from eBay and it seems to be a little bit dodgy. Should the camera be working when plugged into the charger but WITHOUT battery? The camera occasionally turns on with the battery inside, shows 120 minutes and after 3 minutes switches off and dies completely – the "weak lithium battery/battery not installed" pops up. I'm thinking power problems? The camera won't charge at all and will not switch on with the cable inside. The charger is working 100%!

  5. Watching this on my 4K TV makes slow shutter NightShot look like regular motion but with Canon FS200 style motion bleed.

  6. do you still have the camcorder

  7. Алексей З (Volodar Kilec)

    cool I gat one

  8. I am looking into getting a Digital8 camcorder. Just one thing and I know it might be a stupid question that doesn't have an exact answer, but does removing the promotional stickers decrease the value of these cameras? If for some reason I need to sell it in the future, I'd want to keep the value as high as possible.

  9. I have one from August 2001.

  10. I had that very same model camera back in the day. Still works after all these years, although the drive mechanism is showing its age.

    Great camera for its time, although once things started recording to flash, it was really over.

    I love these reviews, especially when the thing still works.

  11. This review is so cool because I bought one of these Digital8 camcorders when they were first released and I rarely see them in use anymore other than my own. I have a DCR-TR7000 which was the model without a flip-out LCD screen, and it is still working perfectly after 16 years. I really love your reviews, thanks for sharing!

  12. Man after my own heart when it comes video cameras.

  13. I have fully functional SONY DCR-TRV520E if anybody is interested.

  14. Do they still sell the batteries for this??

  15. Wow! I notice that Maxell's Hi8 tapes were very appreciated! Even I have one of those!

  16. Yognaut Cameron

    why does this camera remind me of miles upshurs camcorder (outlast)

  17. where can i find one of these for sale? 

  18. How do you turn it on?

  19. I have one of these.  Barely used but allowed to get a bit dusty.  Has been plugged in for a couple years without use.  Battery is now bad.  Randomly eats tapes so it can't be used reliably.  I was able to recover old video through firewire and now it just sits.

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