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Sony RX100 IV Review! Best Pocket Camera



  1. what camera did you use to film this?

  2. Great review. Thanks!

  3. I almost bought this one, but got the Panasonic ZS100 instead.

  4. Apoorva Madhukar

    very nice review , like your style very calm ,peace full, like you are not in any hurry , what do you think sony rx100 mark 5 wll come with PDAF ( just like s7 duel pixel sony imx260 sensor) i allready have rx100 m3 , skiped m4 due to 4k recording was not long and camera use to hunt for focus in video ( contrast detect AF sucks in vedeo mode) . so what do you think ?

  5. If these point and shoots get external mic jacks, DSLR's will be a thing of the past. Any suggestions to get better audio while using a point and shoots? Ex. (interviews).

  6. JohnReviewer112

    oh your back. awesome.

  7. Simone Shepherd

    what camera are you using to actually sot ths youtube video? it looks so nice lol

  8. Really can't wait for the net year mark V! When it will be release? mid year? Just hope they release it faster like how they did with their smartphone!

  9. What the camera depicting them yourself in the time period 0:20 Name

  10. 3:15 amazing :D

  11. What Frame Rate at 2:15

  12. Have you noticed while filming video and walking the camera audio has clicking sound in it? Supposedly it's the image stabilization system inside hitting the stops. I can't figure out how I am the only one that notices it.

  13. Fantastic review- thanks,

  14. richard morabtio

    Panasonic lx 100 is a lot cheaper and a leica lens and better 4k.

  15. The best pocket camera is the Panasonic lx100 with a 4/3rds sensor and much better lens, and also 4K. Well its not exactly pocketable but its not much bigger

  16. Fantastic review! Love that you showed what the camera's video and pictures look like. You've offered us some great content. Thanks!

  17. Dustin Rodriguez

    If the just added a phone into this camera! That's what I really want a camera with a phone, not a phone with a camera.

  18. 4:14 Guy loading up his pot pipe, LOL!

  19. Can I fry a potato with it?

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