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4 of the TOP 5 Cameras on DPReview are Mirrorless!!! (Wake Up Canon & Nikon!)



  1. I use both mirrorless sytem and dslr and I do street photography. I often find the mirrirless system "laggy". Its seem it take a moment to actually take a shot from the time I press the release button..I was using both A7r n the a6000…Im not saying the IQ are bad or the system are bad it just not what I like..I still keeps the A7R…oh….1 thing I really hate about the mirrorless system is the battery really really bad…

  2. I'm skeptical of the true advantages being claimed for the SLR. In the age of film, it made perfect sense; but when the sensor can be used as the viewfinder, a flipping mirror-and-prism apparatus just seems like so much horseshoes and buggy-whips.

  3. (1) Canon and Nikon will introduce mirrorless full frame cameras in future. They are probably waiting for the technology to mature a little more. CIPA study points out that mirrorless camera sales have leveled out after two years of strong growth, and that they appeared to gain market share only at the expense of DSLR cameras. In other words, the camera market as a whole hasn’t benefited much from the rise of mirrorless. http://petapixel.com/2015/11/14/camera-sales-may-be-stabilizing-after-a-few-years-of-freefall/
    (2) Global slowdown is one of the major causes for slowing camera sales. Another factor is the explosion of smartphone cameras. Many people are happy with their phone cameras and they mostly affected compact camera segment. Most full time pros are loyal to DSLRs.
    (3) It’s difficult to argue with the fact that Sony is the king of image sensor technology right now. In 2014, 40% of ALL CAMERAS had an image sensor made by Sony. Sony is dumping billions of dollars into research and development of image sensors, which seems to be paying dividends.
    (5) For some photographers, mirrorless has already come of age and the switch has taken place for many passionate photographers. But for other photographers, especially those with demanding action autofocus needs, mirrorless may be several years away still. http://improvephotography.com/35440/state-of-the-camera-industry-report-how-much-trouble-are-canon-and-nikon-in/
    (6) Canon’s reportedly planning to focus more on its mirrorless cameras starting in 2016.
    (7) Do mirrorless cameras support high speed or hyper speed sync?
    (8) f/2.8 zooms of comparable quality are yet to come. Sony started producing them and there is hardly any advantage over Canon/Nikon offerings.
    (9) Until there's a compelling reason to switch, many pros won't use mirrorless for serious work. What will they do with all their gear? Shoot on manual with a mirrorless camera? When Canon/Nikon produce mirrorless cameras many pros may shift.
    (10) Pros love redundancy. They maintain 2 sets of camera bodies and lenses. Dual card slots are welcome. After sales service is also crucial.
    (11) The major benefit of mirrorless cameras like Micro Four Thirds cameras etc. is their small size and light weight. Low cost can be a factor too. Those advantages don't really apply to professionals, who will generally just want the best results they can get, and the best camera for the job, if that means carrying around a camera 1 or 2 pounds heavier, that's not a problem, it's a job, not a casual stroll on vacation.

    The advantages of mirrorless are aimed at non-professionals.
    (12) To summarize Mirrorless my be adopted widely in future buy they are not there yet.

  4. LOL, reading all the comments, if you still like DSLRs and they are wonderful in many ways, wait another 6-10 month and you be able to pick up a D750 or a D810 for less than a 1000. check out the crisp color and the BW work with Fuji primes (and some zooms) and show me a Nikon lense other than the 14-24 2.8 that can compare. Some lens critics are saying that fuji is right up there with Zeiss in quality. I was about to drop way too much on a Leica before I found the Fuj. Impressive images even in Jpeg

  5. would love to see this updated for 2016. I'm moving to Fuji.. it's because of the Leica Like lenses and the sensor. Something i can't reach on my DSLR quite yet and I'll shoot more if I don't have to haul around 10lbs of gear.

  6. You are absolutely right!

  7. also.. nice coffee mug.. o/

  8. What is sick about all of this is the features that these tiny cameras have that the huge DSLR cameras do not. For me its all about the features not the size. I could care less mirror or no mirror. I'll probably carry either in the same bag.It almost makes me mad that cannon sales their wireless for $800 ish and it's a big fat extra handle. When you can buy a super tiny little memory card that has its wife built in!! Seriously. They can put wifi in a tiny memory card but cannon can't fit it in that fat ass 5D mark 3?!?!? Something is seriously wrong here. I'm wanting the cannon 5d mark 3 but can't push myself to buy it with all the technology that is in the mirrorless cameras. I'd almost feel stupid.

  9. What Canon & Nikon do with mirrorless, that's their lookout. I don't give a damn. I pay for the tools that work for me. Right now, it's Fujifilm. My Canon 5D3 sits on the shelf 95% of the time now.

  10. If Canon goes full frame mirrorless, their advantage will be gone, they need to build mirrorless lenses from scratch, most importantly, Canon's sensor technology is at least 5 yrs behind Sony, they know they cannot beat Sony, so why not just keep holding their money cow — the DSLR. Nikon even doesn't have its own sensor, their situation is even worse.

  11. I'm using the prosumer Sony SLT A77-1***, & am far far happier with it than any OVF-based DSLR.
    The winning features: The EVF, focus-peaking, focus preview.
    I really don't quite get C & N's marketing mindset, b/c entering the mirrorless market wouldn't harm selling their first-rate glass. As it stands they're leaving a window wide open for Sony to start successfully develop adapters for C & N's lenses on e-mount.

    ***SLT is the translucent non-moving mirror … Sony just turns up the sensor gain to compensate for the half-stop overhead w/ SLT … it's an EVF camera otherwise, same general idea as true mirrorless..

  12. maybe they lack real photographers and prosumers on their engineering team. Overall, when a company lacks vision, not in touch with its market, and only copies their competition, it's downhill.

  13. I agree with Matt about the Nikon 1. Really Nikon? Seriously? You come out with DSLR's like the D3300, 5300 and all those offerings, and then you come out with the Nikon 1 series, that looks well, like a joke? Come on Nikon. You can do better than that. If that's your best at your attempt into the mirrorless market, well I don't know what is. I have a Sony a5000 right now and want to maybe upgrade to an a6000 in the future because I think that would be just amazing. Olympus, well as good as they are, from what I've heard, it's an outgoing company. Canon though, I don't think so. They might be doing well in the printer category, but not their cameras in my opinion.

  14. DSLR's have their place. Pro's need that level of build and image quality so I do not think they will or should go away. However, for the vast majority of us, we don't need or want to lug a huge, heavy bag around filled with thousands of dollars of gear. Canon and Nikon are missing out on a huge market segment. They better wake up and get onboard with mirrorless for us non pros. We may not be spending $3000 for a body but there are a lot more of us to make the accountants sing.

  15. I totally agree with you Matt. I have not had a DSLR body for about 4 yeas now and I have bought at least one body every year. I cannot even imagine going back to those huge, clunky, beasts. All cameras have design compromises but for me, as a non pro,  I consider DSLR cameras obsolete.

  16. Consumers also gravitated in droves to smartphones for their photography needs which produced lesser images than point-and-shoot cameras which fell out of favor.  I see many similarities between that trend and the popularity of mirrorless.   Mirrorless is a smaller package easier, less expensive, and more convenient than a boat anchor DSLRs and lenses.   But most photography consumers don't shoot with filters or have thousands of dollars in expensive full frame glass.  For many folks mirrorless is a much cheaper and more practical alternative.  If Nikon or Cannon were to make a FF mirrorless, it would still require the heavy glass and have a view finder with a few features like focus peaking, but not be good to compose with filters.  Little in the way of size/weight would be gained.  Nikon has 400+ lenses for their F mount.  Going mirrorless and throwing away a grand 50 year lens base would not be a smart move.  Nikon started moving toward smaller/lighter bodies with the D750: a fabulous camera which uses the same sensor as the Sony A7II.  Each photographer must make their own decision.  For me I will stick with my Nikon DSLRs and Nikkor lenses.

  17. Your reviews come across as honest and on target. I wish Nikon would upgrade the Nikon 1 v3 sensor size to APC. CX size sensors just cannot produce images quality worth keeping.

  18. IPM PhotoAgency

    I'm using ML for a long time now (the old generation cams) beside my pro cameras, and absolutely love to see Canon & Nikon switching to ML for pros. I want to see my pro SLR cams with BETTER  features then my smartphone and not thinking each time I am shooting with my camera,"darn it, I wish I had this or that feature from my smartphone built-in here". For us pros and the money we are paying we expect these companies to gives us so much better products then the average consumers. It is obvious that these executives & engineers at the camera industry have no imagination nor anything to do with innovation!

  19. This is like when the imports came into play with auto manufactures.  They thought they where the best but soon they will be outperformed.  Pro's are already seeing this.  Just a matter of time

  20. I got my first 4/3 camera , it's the Olympus Pen PL6, and I got it for $299 with the 14-42 lens at Amazon. Can't wait when the A6000 or GX7 goes on sale Cyber(Monday, etc.)

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