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Ephoto video studio lighting kit w/diffusing umbrellas unboxing and review (orig music by perry)



  1. Prankster101Productions

    Thanks. Just sent them an email now as they appear to not send items outside of USA/Canada…

  2. Perryinjax Bruner

    You are right man, I just went to the Amazon UK site and they dont have anything like this for any reasonable price.
    I did, however, remember the boxes I received some of my items in, and saw the seller URL address printed on the boxes.
    I went to their site, and found this same set that I only paid $59 for, but apparently has gone up to $99 now.
    Try dealing with ephoto directly; I put the link you need in my video description up there for you,YouTube wont let me put a link here in comment.

  3. Prankster101Productions

    There's nothing similar on the UK Amazon store, and Amazon US does not ship to UK.

    All the studio lighting systems in the UK are at least £100 (about $150), with the better ones retailing for around £150-200.

    Yes, we are expensive.

  4. Perryinjax Bruner

    Does Amazon.com not deliver to the UK? Or do they just no longer have this product at that price anymore? I hate that you cannot seem to get it for the price i did.
    Why can't you? Is it because you dont live in USA? IDK what Amazon's shipping policy to UK is.
    They are one of the best bargains I have ever bought brand new.. It has been well over a one year now and all five lights/umbrellas/stands/travel case/everything is still working perfectly like brand new..And really helps with my videos!

  5. Prankster101Productions

    Hey man. I've been looking for these, but can't seem to pick them up for a cheap price. I live in the UK. Any advice?

  6. Perryinjax Bruner

    @BIGBROTHERiswatchinU They are pretty good for the price. so far I have had no trouble with any of my four… all bulbs still good and everything. Sorry to hear you lost your lights.
    Good luck with whatever solution you come up with/can afford, I know I am in the same situation all the time, trying to make a good vid on a low budget 🙂

  7. BIGBROTHERiswatchinU

    That looks like a pretty nice set up for the price. I am currently using table lamps and chicken brooder heat lamps. We have several goats who have had kids this week, so my wife took all her heat lamps back. I really need some lights!

  8. Perryinjax Bruner

    @Trommel57 Just make sure it is not pluggin in to electric outlet first! 🙂

  9. Yeah! Yeah! I think I will buy one of those umbrellas I really like them. It rains a lot here, you
    You look great in this video, man. Thanks for posting.

  10. Perryinjax Bruner

    @Ltzonda Just send me a PM and let me know the duration/length you need, and what type of music you want, give me some ideas of what you need, and I will be very happy to do it for you.. glad to help! Anything I give you is all original-written, composed, arranged, performed, and produced by me, so no worries about copyright issues with the YouTube police! 🙂
    Let me know what I can do.. would love to help you out!

  11. Perryinjax Bruner

    @mccrippy Why thank you, kind stranger! 🙂

  12. Very cool!

  13. @perryinjax yeh they look real nice, also if youd be up for it, id like some music to play in the background of my reviews?

  14. Perryinjax Bruner

    @Ltzonda It is a pretty good buy for $59 including shipping.. I did a LOT of research before spending any of my money.. and these are quite good, sturdy, not cheap china garbage.. I like them, happy with the purchase..and that is my unbiased review.. I dont work for them or anything..
    ALSO: THANK YOU for watching. AND COMMENTING, on my video!!!! thankusomuch!
    You are so very cool for doing so!
    Thanks again,

  15. hey dude, nice i might have to invest in some of these, starting to do alot of filming and stuff for media 🙂

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