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Black Rapid Double Camera Strap Review



  1. Hello,
    Does this work also well for women ? I want to buy one but I'm not sure because of the strap at the chest.
    Do you think its problematic ?

    Also, I'm shooting music festivals, it will be my first time with 2 cameras. Do you think I will die because of weight before the end of the day ?
    Thank you very much for your help.

  2. Great video. I'm convinced that I want it now!

  3. Is this the slim version (dr-2) ?

  4. You looked pretty hot doing it bro. ;)

  5. Oriana Photography - Chicago Illinois & Nosara Costa Rica

    Thank you, Seth, for sharing this review!

  6. Studio Cortez 1g Photography

    thnak you for the video. i will be having 2 cameras and i was wondering how the Double Camera Strap works . and your video said almost everything. my only questions and fear is if i go down to take a shot i can hit the camera in the ground right?… i think i just need to remember that if go down to me knees that i have a second gear lol….ps. your cat loves you…i have one just like him lol

  7. Thank you for reviewing this …. Been using the black rapid single strap for 5 years now just received the RRSD-1BB.  Use it with my 7d Sigma – wide angle and 7d Mark II – L – 70-200 – works great – also received in a kit with the Lockstars. Also works well in crowds – so that you can move you camera around and also keep your hands on your investment. There will be times when you need to move quick… 

  8. I have the Black Rapid Sport. Got it a while back. Ultra comfy. I need to the grab the double when I get a second body in a few weeks. Thanks for the review. 

  9. Great review. Just a simple hobbyist who loves shooting sports but do you have any problems with the cameras/lenses scraping the ground when you shoot on your knees?

  10. Please can you get Instagram 

  11. I have used the Black-Rapid but recently switched to Sun Sniper DHP Double Press Harness.  They have a better engineered connector. 

  12. Great video again Seth, definitely loving the content your producing at the moment – it really helps!

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