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SJCAM SJ5000X Review Update | Budget 4k Action Camera



  1. I've watched both your SJCAM SJ5000X reviews and I think you did a good job.
    I wanted to buy an SJCAM since the SJ4000, I actually recommended to a friend to buy an SJCAM and he enjoyed it. I thought the pics and videos from the SJCAMs are nice and clean but I've gotten to watch some Xiaomi Yi and Xiaomi Yi 2 4K videos and I think they're much much better than SJCAMs, granted they're more expensive but not that much(well except for the Yi 2 4K it cost way more)I think I'd rather save my money and spend just a little bit more on a Xiaomi Yi Action Cam(since they're getting cheap)

    But yeah, still a great review man. Subscribed!

  2. Newest SJCAM M20 review is available to watch here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzNC7gHwWjk

  3. Is this elite version?

  4. Damn,it can be 8K but camera quality is bad as fu*k..

  5. is it possible to transfer files via wifi to an ipad for example? to free up space when travelling?

  6. Everyone says these cams are equal to a gopro but that's nonsense. Look at your video samples. They look like they're oil paintings with major tearing between frames.

  7. Hey. Can you tell me what camera (i think i've seen Canon emblem!?) did you use to shot the close ups of SJ cam??? Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  8. could you make a tutorial how to update? or just explaine how to do it

  9. I just got one and upgrade to firmware 1.3. The video file sound seems ok if I play it on the computer. But it seems the speaker is still very bad. I could barely hear the video sound if I play it from 5000X. Is that normal to other users?

  10. What is FOV? and what does it do?

  11. Can you tell me what settings you use for optimal video. I just purchased this camera and I'm not getting great quality when I playback the videos. There's a bit of a blurriness when moving from side to side. I've tried gyro on and off. I seem to get better quality with it off.

  12. an-internet-user

    You got a thumb down from me …
    People who are begging for subscription, always get a thumb down from me, simply for that senseless, stupid and annoying begging for something that doesn't earn any money … for nobody !!

  13. Because what I have is version V1.2.4-S and I do not have all the options you show in the film and especially the FOV gives me only OFF.
    Is there a newer version update?

  14. I set my resolution to 1080p60 and recorded some test footage, i uploaded it to YouTube and the max resolution was 360p. I don't know why it didn't pick up the HD.

  15. Hi, i own 1 of it. How do i take a video in upside down position with editing the video? Thanks

  16. question: how big is the video size file if you're using d max file output or d"4k"? thanks

  17. your channel has a great future man!
    great video! tnx for the info. BTW you mentioned in one of the video samples that it's 4K 30fps, but it's 24fps which makes a big difference, am I wrong? (:

  18. Subhankar Debnath

    which sjcam is best???? iam confused! which one should i buy….sj4000/sj4000 plus gyro/sj 5000plus/sj5000/sj5000x.help me plz.

  19. great review! really think this maybe my next camera!

  20. Video quality from the little thing is quite good!
    Especially for only $121 and the fact you get 4k for such a low price is pretty amazing

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