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Limo Studio Octagonal Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit Review



  1. MissSouthernBelle704

    Do you still have this set, if so how is it holding up?

  2. This video is extremely helpful! I've literally had my kit for almost a week and could not set it up because I didn't know how to insert the light. Now I do, thanks to your videos and the comments! 

  3. toothless angry guy

    it sucks that they come off blue

  4. dato demetrashvili

    i have this lighting kit . and i do not understand what white balance should i use . because my photos are very blue pls tell me about it

  5. LimoStudio-Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit thats what im looking at, not sure if i need anything crazy or this will do

  6. You can email me at reviewlamp@gmail.com

  7. Something like this set? Or some other one? In your case, as I mentioned, whichever light you use, you might want to experiment with how far the lights are from your face and from what angles they are facing you. The easiest way to set it up is to use the two regular softboxes each at an angle of about 45% from your face about 2-3 feet away. And the third boom light exactly over your head. I would also recommend extending the boom light to keep it as far above your head as possible.

  8. not sure how to message u i cant comment links 🙁

  9. what about something like this? do you think this will be good as well for what im doing? right now im just working with natural light

  10. Kandice, the answer is yes. If you are making videos up close, we would recommend moving the lights out at least 2-3 feet away, as that would make the lighting on your face more even. But to answer your question, it will work pretty well. The link to the product is above and please subscribe to our channel. Hope this helps you. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

  11. Would this be good to make videos? I make beauty tutorials I need help 🙁

  12. Glad it helped. Please subscribe to our channel.

  13. Maxwell Skinnies

    Thank you sooo much!

  14. I am assuming you have the same exact set? Or do you have a set of lighting umbrellas? If you have this set: Open the folded umbrella till you can see the foil lining on the inside (do not insert the lightbulb before opening out the umbrella fully). If you look at the foil-layered inside of the umbrella, you should be able to see a black metal ring all the way at the end. Push this metal ring in till you hear a clicking sound. This should open the umbrella out. Hope this helps. Please.subscribe

  15. How do u set up the umbrella ? I have one , cant figure it out

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