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FlyKly Smart Wheel Video Review – Light Weight Single Speed Electric Bike Kit With App



  1. Purchased one of these motors and it went 21 miles before it failed. Only way to fix this is to send it back to Italy for $734 shipping.

  2. for me looks like you can plug inn a battery and extend range.

  3. is it waterproof?

  4. I've been using my basic bike with 26" tires for 2 yrs now as sole transportation. Front tire has been stolen and replaced with used mountain bike tire, rear tire is not true as spokes tend to break with my weight and stuff I carry. well over 12,000 miles on it. (deciding on new bike or complete rebuild) So just this week I decided to download a app to see my speed. I figured 12-15 mph, but no, on flat 18-20 mph and up to 24 mph on slight downhill. over 30 mph on decent hill. Now with a better bike I think I speed would be higher. So limiting bike to 16 mph seems almost useless other then going uphill or starting up from stop.

  5. Hi I strongly agree that this company is a BIG SCAM, DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. Unfortunately I didn't read those review before an I made the mistake of buying the wheel, I'm in the process of filing a claim trough my credit card, If you want to avoid all the headaches NOT BUY FROM THEM, I would like that electric bike reviews guy ( sorry I think his name is Corey) would do a little bit of a review on the companies as well, as the guru on electric bikes he has introduce us (at least me) to new forms of transportation and help us discovered a world of electric bikes. I sincerely think that companies like this one shouldn't be on his review due to the lack of compromise to the consumer going against the mission and work that electricbikesreview has been done for the past years.
    Thank you.

  6. The only reason I'd get an electric bike, is because on the routes I have to cycle often it storms almost always. Long straight road, wind always coming from the same direction… After nearly 5 years I'm starting to get pissed of by it.

  7. Is this currently available? Is it shipping yet?

  8. Where can buy one?

  9. I have two questions:
    1.Can you ride your bike normally, when the battery is empty?I mean without any difficulty!
    2.Can you charge it through solar panel, while riding?

  10. Jules Bogdanski

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. After waiting 4+ months and no communication I put in a request for a refund – after three emails, I finally received confirmation that a refund would be applied …and that was three weeks ago. STILL NO REFUND and attempts to communicate about it is leading nowhere.Yesterday I went by the bike shop that used to offer test rides of their product to see if I could get the contact info of an actual person only to be informed they cut off offering the product due to lack of communication poor business practices on the part of FlyKly. This company is a big fat SCAM.

  11. maybe ditch the fish eyed self video.. I know I am going to have a bad dream about that..

  12. Is this better than the Copenhagen Wheel?

  13. god damn  faggots

  14. Alexander Gosselin


  15. 6ah 20-30 miles!?

  16. this should be hugely popular

  17. can you have derailleur and gears with this wheel?

  18. Иван Тензор

    I already imagine the jokers who burn the device via usb by spoofing polarity or high voltage

  19. hey Cort you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting a business that promises you a wheel and then doesn't deliver it when they say they will. i won't look at your videos the same way anymore. this company has the worst customer service i have ever encountered 

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