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DSLR Lenses For Video – Rokinon Lens Review



  1. oh the 35!

  2. Can't you go faster in your test?

  3. How does the cinema lens do for pictures?

  4. That song starts at 3:18, not the beginning…

  5. Rokinon lens review? Sounds more like a review and promotion for video production accessories…
    It's good and all, just a misleading title.

  6. Legofilmproduction98

    Are you sure. Ecstasy of Gold sounds completly different…

  7. Original song: The Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone

  8. Legofilmproduction98

    Good Video, but can someone tell me what's the name of the music at the beginning?

  9. whats hilarious, besides the price tag of the lenses and focus system, is you see these same shots with a hero 3 and its what 350?

  10. Totally agree! I could either constantly stare at the titles to see what lens was being used or look at the footage and have no idea what lens was in use. I really enjoyed the first half of the video during the review though.

  11. really bad editing at the end, no way to really evaluate the lenses as you don't see them for long enough time.

  12. Alexis da Camara

    The ultracage dslr seems really good as you can mount a top handle, I was wondering if the ultracage is appripate for doing handheld shooting.

  13. I shoot a wedding with a 30mm for when i was close or when a wanted a wide angle but you'll want a lens that can get closer so id say go with the 35.
    But for my needs are different so i will pick up the 24 😉

  14. I'm trying to decide between the 24 and the 35 for a wedding video shoot.

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