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SJ4000 WiFi Action Camera Review Video ,Audio, Photo, Time Lapse



  1. Ruthless TSK-1

    Mine has no audio although it is enabled, can anyone help?

  2. maybe this is not hero go pro but it cos almost 6x less so definitely good choice

  3. Luvhender Montaño

    How much? i wanna buy this days

  4. I'd love to see you do a review of the Iphone 6 camera and the 6S

  5. Can you tell me what some of the settings are? What is TV Mode and Car Mode?

  6. jesi li ti balkanac mozda? XD

  7. sir , i need low budget camera for making youtube video short film, is sj4000 wifi can be good or not for me or another low budget camera more good then its for me ? , or can we used another voice equipment with sj4000 wifi for good voice quality ?

  8. i have got this canera the wifi version one, i record a lot of video i can only watch few of them but the rest it says viewer error and the video that has been recorded doesnt work .

  9. Great video and thank you so much for the manual. its so helpful. can you please give a tip on how to have the best sounds resualts?  its very frustrating not to be able to have good sound while recording… thnks again!

  10. Vanessa Rodríguez Bellido

    Nice review, however i cant figure out how time lapse works, could you please help me. thank you!

  11. In water case sj4000 image quality is getting worse just because case lens is not good at all. without it its looks pretty good. also sound is better.

  12. Hemant Agarwal

    what about the battery life? on full charge for how much time did it continuously record at 1080p 30fps?

  13. Thanks you!!! :)

  14. Battery life please?

  15. Milos Nedeljkovic

    Gorane! Gorane dolazi ovamo!Hahahahaha carski

  16. Hi everyone , can someone help me. Do you guys know how to transfer photos from sjcam(sj5000 wifi) to my phone (android).

  17. Gianluca Galeandro

    Hello, I bought a sjcam 5000x, I noticed that the white curtains it slightly light blue.

    I noticed that many sj have this problem… What is the best option to correct this problem?

  18. when I connect the camera to tv can't get it to play video segments continuously . it only plays one at the time, I have to press forward and then play again. how can I get it to play one segment after another ?

  19. Nikola Srdanović


  20. Shenzo YChannel

    hey there , if you dont mind. check my time lapse video using sj4000/sjcam in my channel . tq

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