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Rokinon 35mm f1.4 Review v.s. Canon 35mm f1.4 and Sigma 30mm f1.4 – DSLR FILM NOOB



  1. Ethan Williams

    Does anyone know how this lens would pair with a 7D mark ii?

  2. MalloryJacobPacheco

    Question, so umm, I'm getting this lens for my BMPCC, but I don't yet a have a cage/rod system. I'm thinking of getting one along with it, but there aren't really any that are affordable considering the tight budget I'm on. Would it be advisable to use this lens on the BMPCC without a cage/rod system (for mounting on a tripod)?

  3. Quick question can you still use live view with this lense??

  4. Great review!

  5. Toxu sound designer composer

    omg, on sigma 30mm f1.4 you are rotating the focusring while the switch was on autofocus. and the sigma 30mm f1.4 is for aps-c?

  6. very good review. thanks

  7. are they all compatible with EF mount?

  8. Don't listen to this guy! The Rokinon 35mm f1.4 lens is constructed with two lenses made of quality glass with a high refraction factor. NOT plastic as he says.

  9. If you're looking to de-click the Rokinon, it's more worth it to buy the cine lens instead.  the only differences being that it measures in T stop and the focus has more throw.

  10. He looks like he is ready to throw those lenses like a football. Good to know about the Rokinon lens, it will make a nice addition to my growing optics line-up.

  11. MarkMelvinProductions

    great job thank you for posting:)

  12. Not a thorough review what so ever.. a picture of grass really? cmon now. 

  13. i always see film makers thought on the rokinon… how is it for photographs?

  14. Does this rokinon fit with my camera 60d?

  15. Is there a reason you didn't use the Sigma 35 1.4 instead of the 30mm?
    It's price point is in between the two others and it lines up in terms of focal length and aperture. Might have been cool to see that comparison.

  16. NOLALongboards

    When you are showing the smoothness of the sigma focus ring you had the AF switched on… on some lenses this makes the focus ring much less smooth with the autofocus engaged.

  17. Wish I knew of Rokinon before I had bought my 35mm.

  18. I'm planning to buy either the rokinon 24, 35mm or 85mm on crop camera. Which one is the best for upper body modeling videography ? I thought the 35mm was better. With the 24mm i felt i had to go too close to the model. What do you think ? I truely appreciate the feedback.

  19. Does the rokinon 35mm cine lens is a great upgrade ? I dont intend to use a rig. Does the click for changing aperture is a turn down on the Rokinon 1.4 ? 
    The rokinon 35mm 1.4 is cheaper on ebay. Maybe i should buy the 1.4 ?
    Thanks for advices

  20. the best thing about the manual focus is that you can get a rubber jar opener and have a nice smooth follow trough focus ,top lense by the way! 

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