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LED Studio Video Lighting Review



  1. Where can one purchase the sister in law?

  2. The girl is like "idk wtf ur talkin about"

  3. GREAT REVIEW! You have me sold. Perfect for my personal needs. Also, your sister in law is very beautiful! :)

  4. Good video. What was the panel size? I am looking at a unit 13 3/4 x 8 inches with color temperature control + barn doors. It is compared to a 500w quartz. I wonder if it is comparable to your unit. Also, did you have flicker issues when you change the shutter speed?

  5. Jerome Carrette

    Hi! I'm looking for a diffuser for those lights, did you come across any good (& cheap) ones?
    Thanks for the video by the way, it's the one who made me purchase those lights!

  6. I find that when I scrub through my footage I notice a bit of a flicker like that seen with Florescent lighting. I am using 1/50th & 1/60th shutter speeds, & still notice. Now mind you it seems unnoticeable at those speeds during regular play back however I am weary of it. I have 3 of these 500's

    two are the Fancier Branded ones, those other is a newer version, all exibit this on both a 7D and T2i.
    Again it only seems noticeable when quickly scrubbing footage or speeding up footage in my NLE.

  7. this guy really needs to place a diffuser in front of the lights. lights seem a little harsh on the model's face. i think he's an amateur.

  8. How much they cost? Where to buy?

  9. mrhypermagnetic

    What dslr was used?

  10. On max, she almost look like a vampire.

  11. Great review man! Beyond helpful!


    @pinchekittybiker 250 isn't grainy. Once you get into the 800s then you may see grain. Some DSLRs can run at 1600 ISO without grain.

    250 is actually very fine. Also you can shoot at 2.2 if you know what you're doing. A simple dialogue scene etc.

  13. CamaraUnoFilms

    What kind of lence did you use?

  14. Joshua Lawrence

    Em would you mind doing another one of these kind of tests, only next time using a diffuser so we can see how these lights would work in a Cinematic Workflow. A plain white shower curtain works perfectly for diffusion.

  15. Joshua Lawrence

    @jmez927 Tired of Olivia…. Whaaaaaat? Impossible! Lol

  16. Huh? what?? uhhhhh......aaaaaaaaaaarghhhh!?!?!?

    More of her Mister cheezy.. I'm getting tired of Olivia.

  17. F stop way to fast for video, what it looks like at 3.5 and slower to maybe 5. would love to se that

  18. Robbie Cordero

    250 ISO?!? That's going to be kind of grainy – and the DOF at 2.2 is going to be tight. That seems way too slow for a practical shoot.

  19. I bought the 2x 500 LED's and I know I will get allot of hi-tech mobility out of them on set, Oh hi Sister in Law.

  20. thats a great review.. thanks… Im glad you had a low ISO instead of something stupid like 3200. Thanks TINA

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