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$40 tripod with ‘fluid pan’ ballhead, 17LB capacity – Review – Filmmaking (shot C100)



  1. The leg with no foam on it. because it can be use as a Monopod which you for got to say

  2. Ball head is great, the rest of it is less desirable, the twist legs got jammed and I couldn't get it released even with a vise grip.

  3. Charles Alvear

    What's the model number for this unit?

    Closest I could find on Amazon is: http://www.amazon.com/Ravelli-APGL5-Professional-Camera-Release/dp/B004RBX0GO/ref=sr_1_8?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1451924516&sr=1-8&keywords=Ravelli

    But there are only 2 available, used for $57. The unit on Amazon also converts to a monopod.

  4. I had that piece of junk it lasted 2 weeks.

  5. $40? Its $90 shipped.

  6. Looks like they are all like 80$ nowdays. :(

  7. Does anyone have a link to buy one? It's not available on Amazon

  8. Actually a great little tripod.  I was really skeptical to get this at first, but I really needed a second tripod and didnt want to spend a bunch.  Its rock solid and I love the fact I can swap out the ballhead for something more substantial (and I did).  Also, the ability to switch it to a monopod is nice.  Came with a case too.  No smaller tripod though :-(

  9. Psst… If you got the same model I did, then you already have a monopod in it! The "Extension" head can be unscrewed halfway down, and it connects to one of the unscrewable legs to make a monopod :)

  10. now it's the amazon basic with the same design 62 inches

  11. I bought it and truly recommend it. No better deal, trust me I saw virtually every other tripod on ebay and amazon, and this was the best.

  12. CrEaTiVeONE5962

    Is this fable the lost chapters music?

  13. whateveryoushea

    (see UPDATE)  Just got my Ravelli $40 tripod today from Amazon. I was excited to receive it.  However, my excitement went south quick.  Ok, first off it came un-assembled. I had to put it together.  This was no easy task.  Took about 30 minutes. Second once I got it together two of the three legs would not slide open.  The knobs were stuck and they were not budging.  I even used vice grips.  It seems that the tripod I received looks very different than the one in this video.  The knobs that loosen the legs has definitely changed. Also, I did NOT receive a mini-tripod with mine as many have stated.  I think that Ravelli has redesigned this tripod for the worse and have cut corners.  So buyer beware.  I ordered the MeFoto RoadTrip instead and will send the Ravelli back.  I have over $5000 worth of camera and lens that will sit on this thing so I wanted extremely high quality.  Disappointed that the Ravelli wouldn't work.  Cheers.

    Bobby from Ravelli, contacted me and sent out the version WITH the mini-tripod. This version came fully assembled AND works flawlessly!!!
    I will continue to buy Ravelli products BECAUSE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS OUTSTANDING!!!

  14. Ha ha! Yeah…hold it by the ball! :D

  15. Raidon Hyobashi

    Can you lock the pan on the head so you can attach a true fluid head?

  16. The Mozzies Are Coming!

    Great review.  I was going to invest in something much more pricey, but I feel that this will do the trick!

  17. Thanks, ill probably get this one!!

  18. Sandeep Chopra

    Great review!  keep up the good work, I like the fluid pan! 

  19. 91WriterzStatus

    How does it compare to the Sony VCT-R100

  20. it's only 30 bucks now….cool right?

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