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Review Of The BlackRapid Rs DR-2 Camera Strap



  1. Rebecca Carlgren

    Next time, dont have black tshirt when you try black things…

  2. Hi, I am 5'3 @ 105lbs. I'm wondering which would be better for me: the DR1 or DR-2.according to this video, you seem quite larger than I am, so I'm assuming the DR-2 would be a better fit than the DR-1. I'm also concern about how comfortable it'll feel with heavy equipment. I'm thinking of having 2 D750 bodies. one with 24-70mm, and the other with 70-200mm.

  3. Blackrapid on black t-shirt a bit hard to see.

  4. Media Unlocked

    I agree 100% still leaning every day

  5. Just for future videos! if your product is black don't wear a black shirt. thanks

  6. Media Unlocked

    I love the DR-2 it is amazing use it all the time.

  7. Gr8 review i have ordered 1 and waiting for it………Dr-2

  8. Actually you do have it. At 7:25 the "third piece" goes on the BACK of the system, not the front. Place it about 6-8" down from the quick release buckles on the back and see if that doesn't solve the problem ( I think it's in the online Black Rapid video too)

  9. I just got one of these recently ( April 2013) It comes with a little add on restraining strap with snaps on it to snap onto the straps on your back. This resolves the problem you mention with the cameras swinging to the front when leaning forward. I noticed the same thing & when I moved it down towards the small of my back, it made it perfect. So that addresses the problem of the bodies swinging forward & makes them much more secure when walking. Maybe you can get one for the early versions

  10. that was my plan if I was ever in situation were it would be hanging a lot

  11. I've been considering this strap for a while now, but i dont like the way it hangs when crouching (I do alot of macro, bugs, flowers, etc.) Would it work to clip some kind of little strap from the caribeaner to your belt loop?

  12. might have been a better idea

  13. You definitely should have worn a white t shirt… anyway….

  14. Media Unlocked

    very true

  15. Media Unlocked


  16. Well, I have two cameras, but I don't always need to use both of them in tandem. If I'm not shooting a wedding or some other gig, it's nice to know I can separate the setup and use as a single strap. That way, I won't have to buy a single camera strap and double straps. Just will save me some money, thats all.

  17. Media Unlocked

    why is that?

  18. Thanks for the review. I had been wondering if it could be used as a single strap. That is a deal maker for me.

  19. @MediaUnlocked No need to apologize. It was a good review. All I'm suggesting is adding a little contrast between the presenter and the object being reviewed.

  20. when you connect to your camera body from the strap I recommend connecting the ring (FastenR-3) by itself without being connected to the strap for ease and quickest installation.

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