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Manfrotto 055CXPRO3 Carbon Fibre Tripod – (Unbox & Review)



  1. I'd like a carbon fiber tripod to avoid expensive chiropractic treatments for my back just because I'd like to use my camera.

  2. very detailed review, excellent presentation and informative. Thank You.

  3. Could I purchase this tripod for video work? I really want a carbon fibre one for its lightweight feature, I would look to attach a video head to this.

  4. Great video!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for the review. As a result, I just bought the same model today. It is great!

  6. Intelligent review, thanks. One detail that's worth noting I think is that that the centre column can easily be removed to make packing for travel a little easier. I use a Slik AF2100, an excellent pistol ball head that adds another 15 cm/5.5" height.

  7. Great review there, you would have sold it to me if my heart was not already set on it. Now waiting for the package to arrive and take this baby outdoors.

  8. yer I am the same what is the difference?:)

  9. yeah its a great tripod, will serve you well enjoy 🙂

  10. Just bought it, even though i havent seen your video before. Just wanted to have a look at the unboxing to check my tripot because i got it from an auction. But I fully confirm your opinion. Its just an awesome peace of equipment!

  11. visualmedia forus

    Thanks for your effort.

  12. Richard Pennells

    A reshare that shows the versatility of some tripods

  13. what it called is a Q90° column.

  14. 055CX3 doesn't have leg-angle release mechanism. 055cxpro3 was upgraded from 055cx3. hope that helps.

  15. absulutely perfect review. make me feel like I wanna get one. thanks

  16. I have one big question though! can you help me really quick?! What is the difference between the 055cx3 and the 055cxPRO3? I cant find the difference anywhere!!!

  17. I just got this today, so far so good. It is light for sure…..

  18. thanks for the kind words connor glad it helped you decide, you wont be disappointed 🙂

  19. Thanks for the great review! I have been looking for reviews and I love how in depth you went! I think I am going to buy this!

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