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OPTech Super Classic Pro Loop Camera Strap Review



  1. Great review thank you. Made my mind up to get it!

  2. I read the description.

  3. A better option for wearing across the chest might be to use the Sling Strap Adaptor. This allows the camera to be worn at the side, and it slides up the strap into shooting position.
    I agree that it should not take 20 minutes to apply the strap! By using a piece of strong thread or dental floss it can be done very quickly indeed!
    Do a search for "Pro Loop – OP/TECH USA System Connectors™" to see a video demonstration.

  4. My strap arrived today and I would like to add two things for everyone. The strap is short I'm 5'6 and for it to hang across my chest I'm going to have to pick up the adjustable extensions. This was a major disappointment. The more serious problem is the battle to get the loops through the connection points of the camera. I needed 20 minutes and a butter knife to get this done on a 5D classic. In no way should it be this difficult to do.

  5. Sorry for the profanity. By the way, is this meant to be used as a sling? I want a sling strap but the black rapid one doesn't work since i don't want to attach it to the tripod mount. is this comfortable as a sling and for someone who is 5'9 or 5'10? also, what about this vs. the optech sling utility strap or the optech pro strap? can you please do updated video on this and others? thanks

  6. I am 190cm tall, for me a bit to short!

  7. Awesome review. Been considering this strap because I'm not a big fan of the Black Rapids.

  8. Thanks for the reply! By the way, great job at reviewing this product. Video/lighting could've been better but the information was great! I've decided to get this strap over others I've considered (Upstrap, Tamrac, etc.)

  9. @mgdmong If I recall correctly, this is the standard length.

  10. Hi, is this the standard size/length pro loop strap? Or is this the extra long pro loop strap? I want to be able sling around diagonally across my chest. I'm 5'6" tall.

  11. TheDigitalViewTV

    Great review. Thank You

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