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Nikon D3200 Hands-on Review



  1. plz explain the tips on 07:18 pic…. which mode u took and which lens are u using..!!?

  2. nice video, dick!

  3. yo why is that tim from redwolftv

  4. He sounds just like austin powers

  5. Jahovas Witniss

    omfg this is the funniest video I've seen not gonna lie!

  6. worst vdo for a review

  7. NoahBoostmaster

    My friend got one of these and the color was REALLY MESSED UP. He ended up returning it and is looking at a T3i right now.

  8. D3100 only had 12MP? Blimey mine has 14.2MP

  9. what equipment do u use to film this video? cheers

  10. Emrullah Oyunda


  11. please brothers ans sisters am from Tunisia and am English teacher but am still jobless . I need a NIKON D3200 but i can not afford to buy it can anyone help me to get one please

  12. I like that you can look down and your weird fat nose will never let your glasses slip. ass

  13. This guy is a real piece of work. Fuck Asian photographers. Best you fucks stick to what you know.

  14. he is talking more than work!

  15. shitty vdo

  16. I find it kind of sad that we've all apparently just accepted this notion that if the camera isn't THE most powerful one currently on the market then it is relegated as an "entry level" camera. As if the end goal of ownership is to eventually step up to the highest megapixels, the fastest this, the most features, the biggest that. This accepted paradigm that anything other than a Lecia, Hasselblad, or the most expensive Nikon or Canon is simply something to temporarily get you by until that magical day you drop multiple thousands of dollars on a camera has such a negative impact on the photography world as a whole. It fosters the myth that maybe your pictures will be better when you save enough to buy the next better camera instead of realizing that with some experience, education, and training, you can compete with the "pro level" shot in most situations with a $300 camera.

    Nothing against DRTV, they are speaking to the industry in their own terms, as they should. I just see so many photographers spend too much time wondering if they take the financial leap for a couple more megapixels and gizmos will their photos improve? The answer is generally NO. Depending on which area of photography you wish to pursue, you'll likely never need THE BEST thing on the market. Hell there are still professionals shooting on Canon AE-1 Programs and doing just fine.

  17. Random Preston

    Literally the best entertaining review ever lol

  18. I buy a Vivitar 52mm Wide Angle lents. I attached to my camara lents, but went I take it out, I can see nothing true the camara lents. if I attached again I see the objects. wath is the problen?

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