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Lighting Speed Test – Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit Review.



  1. Ramin Taleghani

    What was your exact flash setup ?

  2. Axel sypkens smit

    does anyone know what the name is of the flash trigger app?

  3. Hi Karl , what app you use for sound?

  4. Heraldo Oliveira

    which software did you use on smartphone to detect the sound and trigger the camera?

  5. Flour City Bread

    I absolutely love what you're doing. Ty.

  6. Marcin Zawadzki

    Well, Siros definitly kicks ass. I wonder if you could do a test of that system on on some outside photos. Like a runner or footballer session. I wonder how that ultra short flash works when you have to freeze movement and aditionally have some still light on picture. Will 1/250 and quick flash gonna be anough? Cheers :)

  7. Great video but was just wondering what was the flash sync speed ?

  8. Samuel Charpentier

    I know it's not about the gear it's about the photographer… but I'm so jalous!

  9. This is absolutely exciting. Thanks 4 sharing!

  10. krishnan srinivasan

    Spectacular .!

  11. Are either of the lights gelled? How do you achieve the white to blue gradient? I have seen it before in images and love the look and was curious how its achieved while still retaining the correct color of the subject (in this case the brown of the  liquid)

  12. Abdullrhman Hassona

    Hi Karl , wanted to ask about what exactly controling the motion and sharpness here ? it still the shutter speed of the camera or the power of the strops lighitng ?

    I Have 3 elinchrom rx4 400w power heads and still I get motion photo while trhing to take a pic of falling objects ?! shutter speed 160 – F 13 – ISO 100

    Any idea about the reason why I cant get sharp image ?

  13. Hi Karl, are you using Pocket Wizard version? I have 800s with RF2.1 but i can not use HSS feature due to old firmware on RF2.1.

  14. Jose Solorzano

    Hi Karl, Great what you do and thank you for sharing, what's your shooting motion sensor? greetings from Mexico

  15. Shane Mc Manus

    Would it be possible to recreate a similar effect using 2 speedlights w/remotes  and high-speed-sync? 
    Not regarding smaller light-output, would it still capture the motion effectively?

  16. Great video. I'm between siros 800 and elinchrom HD Pro 500. Can i use the siros at outdoors with a powerpack? Which one do you recommend for high speed photography?

  17. this is just awesome

  18. It would be nice to mix 800s with 400s as a pair. I wonder how they will sync together.. Maybe it's advised to use same power heads like 2x400Ws or 2x800Ws..? 400s are faster but 800s have more range/power.. Mr. Karl did You use 800s? You mentioned price of 800s kit i think. 

  19. Sumit Pramanik

    Great work :)

  20. Alien Sweetheart

    What is the minimal flash duration required to freeze every single drop?
    In other words: if no flashes were involved, what is the minimal shutter speed required to freeze the motion?

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