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Hubsan H501S Follow Me Drone Flight Test Review



  1. If you want spare batteries for this quad just buy these http://www.hobbyking.co.uk/hobbyking/store/__51362__Rhino_2150mAh_2S1P_20C_Lipoly_Pack_UK_Warehouse_.html They are an even better fit (slightly looser – maybe 0.5 of a mm) than the stock Lipo. I tested duration and they fly the quad 17 minutes before telemetry indicates 3.4V per cell – that's EXACTLY the same duration as the stock so called "2700" battery but at around 1/4 of the cost! I changed the battery connector on the quad to an XT30 and did the same to both the stock and Rhino 2150 batteries. I modified my rear hatch with a cemi circular hole on the left and right edges and that allows the connector on the quad and the connector on the batteries to poke outside even with the door shut so you can connect up or disconnect the battery without having to remove it. I also modified the transmitter. If you open up the back by removing the screws you'll find that the board is marked 6-13V. You'll also notice that you can remove the battery tray – it's only clipped in and can be prised loose with a small flat bladed screwdriver. Unsolder the red and white (or may be black) leads from the board and afdd a flying lead with a BEC type plug then get yourself one of these: https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=34386 This LIPO fits perfectly in the space left when the battery trayis removed and will give you around a dozen flights before needing re-charging. Next mod will be the lights because theyre as much use as a chocolate teapot!

  2. I wish I could bank my quad in turns like this guy. When ever I turn my quad I spin out flat.  Am I suppose to be giving a little bit of right stick in the same direction of the rudder at the same time when I turn? OR am I just giving too much rudder ya think?

  3. Does anyone know if the new Hubsan H7000 transceiver will work with this quad?

  4. Why did you say the motors are brushed in the video? But the description says brushless.

  5. B R A N D O N VLOGS

    great vids!!!! gave it a thumbs up!

  6. Video is really good considering there's no gimbal. No "jello" at all.

  7. Guys, please support the H501S X4 Facbook page, to help people find solutions to problems and share information 🙂

  8. Void-_-FłášH

    OMG when ur dog started barking my dog was watching what I was doing then he strted barking lol

  9. I thought the compass calibration was cal 1 clockwise and cal 2 counter clockwise.
    Also, can you start the motors, arm it, in normal mode?

  10. John Washington

    Hey Quadcopter 101 When i ordered this quad, It said mode switch for the transmitter rather than mode one or two, does this mean you get to choose mode 2 or mode 1??

  11. kaç metre sinyal cekiyor

  12. hi thought I would let you know people are copying your videos. I watch them all the time and found this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lzGVMgA-5gits you even speakingdon't want people making money of over people

  13. I wanna get this, and make it follow right above me, and attach some light to it so it lights the road up infront of me, but battery time is kinda low?

  14. Which should I get this quad or the scarlet minivet

  15. Just got my hubsan h501s and went to go f;y it and it flew nice but i wasn't getting GPS on the TX i had 12 on the quad but 0 on the TX. Do you know what may be causing this?

  16. well I love your videos! so raw and you get straight to the point Ive watched a few of your reviews and bought a few of the cheaper drones you have reviewed this one is a winner for me pay day can't come soon enough 🙂 keep up the good work!

  17. Pattaya Thailand (Hostile)

    what google u use ?

  18. assuming this needs FAA regestration? also, whats the range on it?

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