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Elecam Explorer Action Camera Review



  1. Looks really good mate thanks for the review! But as far as i know, the sj5000x Elite is better than this one what do you think about that?

  2. How do you remove the timestamp from the camera video?

  3. Oswaldo Minos Aguilar

    I just got the camera and it looks very "fish eye" any way around this ?

  4. SpreadTheLaugh

    did u really film at 1080p60? it doesnt seems as smooth as in other reviews…

  5. This question might sound stupid but what is the companion app for the camera? or does it have one at all?

  6. Can the camera have a usb mic plugged into it for better audio quality

  7. great review. Timelaspe of the tides got me sold. video quality seems pretty decent once stabilised too.

  8. Thanks, really helped, but do u know where I can get a head strap?

  9. what is the tripod thingy you use called?

  10. How long can you film ?

  11. Try to open the battery compartment, you will go nuts…:(
    all accessories provided with the camera are low quality…

  12. Great review, good to see examples of all the features. Nice one.

  13. Where did u buy it? so many fakes about

  14. Was looking to replace my sj4000 but this is well below SJ4000 (legit) quality.

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