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JJRC H98 Micro Camera Drone Flight Test Review



  1. leopoldo suarez

    I love this little drone, I brought my little channel rc in Spanish, is a great friend video, I love your channel

  2. crazycoonass1962

    Do you think that this copter could support the weight of a Mobius camera?

  3. Joseph Pisciotta

    I would agree. We use our spider only when teaching a real novice. Not much speed or lift at all. This quad appears faster

  4. 3 Questions about this Drone.1,can I watch the video on VCL? 2 ,How good is it? 3, What is the cheapest good drone you bought with a camera ? Thank you.

  5. I have this quad and it's really good. Except I cannot seem to get it to record. If i press the button i see the red light underneath flashing. I finish the flight and take the memory card out. Put it in reader to find nothing on the card. Not sure what I'm missing.

  6. Hi, I got this quadcopter but the remote control make beeps allllll the time since I put the batteries on it. 3D flip cover doesnt work, no one key return, no headless. How can I fix it?

  7. Thank you for your nice revue 101. 🙂
    P.S.? I would love to talk to you about a few issues Ive been having. E-mail? or privet mess?

  8. Creepy Crawl with Sobaire

    Has anyone tried to modify the antenna?

  9. this looks like it has more punch and power then taranchula spider but hard to tell on camera

  10. is this more sporty then the taranchula spider thinking of getting one or the other don't care about camera much just want something fast and sporty

  11. what video app do u use for the jjrc h98 drone?

  12. I recently bought this model and out of the box it had a defect, maybe from bouncing around with shipping. It takes about 5 to 6 seconds to connect to the remote. When I turn on the throttle full power goes to the blades but not all at the same time. It fluctuates between all four blades at different times. I want to be able to fix it myself if i can so i dont have to pay for shipping. Any suggestions??

  13. Not Your Average The

    can this carry the replay xd 720 witch weighs 2 ounces

  14. We live on a 300 acre farm and I can view the whole property with this little guy if I go out in the middle and do a panning rotation. This thing gets great range for its size and price.


  16. Ayden's Bro Studios

    I bought it and the range is 100 feet

  17. +quadcopter101 is the syma x5sc good?

  18. tell me friend do u like this one return home come to you

  19. Which is better? This is or the CX10C?

  20. Not a big fan of this one. Seems a bit flimsy on landing.

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