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Cheap Nikon D7000 Battery Grip Review



  1. You should have showed how too attach the grip to the camera, otherwise good video.

  2. I MEAN MY BACK BUtTON IN BATTERY Pack is not working,,,,,,how can use that button

  3. I have the original expensive one MB D11 🙁 😕 . this looks very much like the original

  4. Sandric Hitachi

    Hi ,Cool interesting video yet now I was wondering were to find it ?
    I can not locate one that looks like yours, can you give me more info on how to get it please,THX

  5. Hi, thx for review the grip. My question is simple ¿With the grip, I can only have one (1) battery installed on my cam? I got the canon t2i and the grip holds two (2) batteries for extended charge life time. I was also thinking if it is possible to keep the baterry on my D7000 body and another in the grip to complete the 2 battery installed. ¿Is this possible and works? tnx.

  6. Thank you! I had no idea what all those buttons and dials were for.

  7. Is it safe to connect a Blackrapid strap to this battery grip? It seems a bit risky to connect it to an off brand grip… 

  8. Thanks for review I'm thinking of getting one and needed to see a review 😉 think I'll order one now :-)

  9. Stock Pile Tactical

    What is that cover for the screen in back of camera? Were did you get it and how much please? great review thanks

  10. mygoodstuffreviewed

    I don't really use my camera in bad weather, so for me it's not really an issue. With accessories like this, that I don't really *need*, its either get a third party one, or don't get one at all.

  11. What you have to worry about with the cheap grips is weather resistance. The Nikon grip is made with the same magnesium frame and rubber seals as the D7000.

  12. mygoodstuffreviewed

    I think it was about 4 weeks in this case, but I can't remember now.

  13. when you say it takes a while to arrive, how long did you have to wait?

  14. Thank you, it helped!!! I always afraid to apply too much strength 🙂

  15. mygoodstuffreviewed

    The control wheels should just work. I'm pretty sure I didn't have to change any settings on mine, although I got the model for the D7000 – I believe there is a difference in the model for the D7100. I'm assuming you got the D7100 version – I know they look the same, but probably aren't.

    I did notice that I had to be sure to screw the grip onto the camera properly though, so you might want to try switching off, taking off the grip then reseating it fully.

  16. Hello
    Thanks for the review. I've bought one for Nikon 7100.
    Does the control wheels suppose to work without playing with camera settings ?
    The shutter release button and AF lock are working, but the control wheels not.

  17. mygoodstuffreviewed

    You make an excellent point.

    And of course, if you don't use them heavily, or all that often, they should last quite a while with careful handling.

    For me, either I got this grip or none at all. The Nikon grip was out of the question.

  18. The only issue with these cheaper alternatives is long term durability. If the product is so cheap, the makers must have cut corners with components or labour or something.

    Having said this , given that the Nikon battery grip is £199, you could buy four cheap battery grips for half the price of one Nikon version. If one of the cheap ones wears out, you just switch to the next one and so on.

  19. mygoodstuffreviewed

    Thanks very much 🙂

    For the money, I think it's a really decent product. I could never justify buying the official Nikon one (my wife would kill me!) so it's this third-party one or none. I chose this!

  20. I always love your reviews. Very informative & well laid out. I also bought a Meike d7000 battgrip. Very cheap and works well, even with the AA-batteries. Love that this takes AA-batts. And the build is not bad either.

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