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Angry Photographer: Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight VS. SB-910, differences, weaknesses & MORE




    So with my D7200, would I need a transmitter to shoot with the Flash off the camera? The wireless radio system should work with my cam right so I don't have to buy a transmitter?

  2. I'm in a pickle because I just blew a SB-910 yesterday and needed a replacement asap. The SB-910 isn't available from my supplier so I'm looking hard at the SB-5000 using it on the D5 and I see it's also compatible with the SD-9 battery pack… I'm kind of stuck and ordered it. I didn't see anything comparable to the 910. Soooo…. crap… thanks for the review as always… I'll just have to make the most of it. Wanted another 910.

  3. Hey Angry Photographer; aside from the "lower quality specs", functionality or real-world-use wise, is it less functional or less usable?

  4. Some tech info:

    There is only one Japanese company designs and produces flash units for all brands mainly Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and etc. Brands decide the specs and that company make the units.

    You are right on that, Japanese manufacturing/workmanship is always better than the Chinese and it seems like to be the case in the following decades.

    SB-5000's dot matrix LCD lacks the EL backlight illumination (similar to Canon 600EX-RT), that's why it looks not nice with only a couple leds on the side.

    Capacitors RARELY blow, they are very robust. Other components especially the lamp fails typically.

  5. Hi Theoria,
    I just received my SB-5000 and must say that I'm disappointed. The SB-910 (which I own) is a better build flash unit overall. Did you notice that the swivel on the SB-5000 is very stiff?

  6. These are £500 GB pounds in the UK or $730 dollars Hai SAYONARA

  7. SMH… C'mon Nikon!!!

  8. Go jump off a cliff Nikon, no built in radio on D5 and D500 is insane.

  9. Have you ever tried metz or nissin flash?And would you recommended the sb 28 over the sb 800?

  10. I have heard that alkaline non-rechargeable batteries have a more consistent power output than NiMH but have never tested that claim out in the real world. Any comments?

  11. SB-5000 is made in China?But it costs more then SB-910?You got to love capitalist scum bugs.I was looking forward to get radio controlled camera and speedlight,so I didn't want to buy D810,i thought next generations will have it. Then Canon is winner for introducing first radio controlled system,and it's made in Japan.I'm very disappointed in Nikon!

  12. The Nikon SB-910 is a great looking speedlite but what does it have over the Yongnuo YN-568EX selling for $275 on Amazschlong?
    Is it just the Nikon label or is it a truly superior piece of equipment?
    Concerning the SB-5000, I wouldn't be surprised if it was made in the same Chinese factory as the Yongnuo; along with the rest of the high end "Hecho en China" speedlites.

  13. Hey there I have the sb 700 and have some left and right wiggleness on the hotshoe, do you have the same issue. Btw great video!!!!!

  14. I pray to the sweet Nikon god that the Nikon D500 isn't a flop… Don't let there be another one.

  15. Stefan Strindberg

    Sucky specs… I'll stick with sb-800 because it works! I need a battery pack because it's getting boring expensive to buy new AA all the time. Thx Angry!

  16. looking to buy a first flash for a d810. Is the sb700 good enough? or spring for the sb910? any other suggested speedlights?

  17. Im switching to Canon.

  18. So Nikon has now dropped 2 balls – the D5 & the SB-5000 – not good when competing against the Canon D1.

  19. George Pantazis

    Try to overheat the SB5000 and see what you come up with. See if the fan solution "works". Since it is going back anyway, might as well have some fun with it…

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