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Moto X Play Camera Review – DSLR Replacement?



  1. good vídeo test 👍

  2. Great I think buy moto x play

  3. Nice video.
    but I have some doubts in this device
    1)is camera clarity reduces if the device is shaked while taking pics
    2)Is it possible to install manual camera apps such as AZ CAMERA,MANUAL CAMERA etc…
    waiting for your reply sir….

  4. Great video! Bc this video was pretty good (+nice background music) I think that you deserve more subs.

  5. u r the bomb

  6. absence of gyroscope….. can we take paranomas photos..?

  7. Will using a 3rd party interface will help this camera, as it doesn't lock the autofocus and the picture comes little blurr .. if you shake the camera even a little bit. If yes, then please recommend the interface, and how it works on this phone.

  8. pls sir make a video about moto x play heating issue ?

  9. Great video..have one query..do you feel any heating issue while using the camera for long time?

  10. hey I finally got moto x play and m already loving it :)

  11. does the overheating is a very bas con and does it really hangs on hard gaming?

  12. Short and perfect video
    Dude my only concern is whether camera will perform good in Low light conditions!!

  13. Nirbhay Bhimbha

    Good work junior mkbhd ! :D

  14. Nice video! I think that those shots were great considering that it is a phone! What lens where you using on your canon?

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