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TRNDlabs Nano Drone with Camera Review



  1. Carlos Rodriguez

    Hey Lon. In your opinion what is a good mini pc out there. I'm looking to get one for myself.

  2. Unfair review here. Practice makes perfect. You need more practice on the toy quadcopter that's all. But the price is way too much for the nano class. =/

  3. Does it come with safety glasses, hehe.

  4. Lon it's really not a fair conclusion to say it doesnt fly well… if a competent pilot flew this thing it would fly perfectly.
    I strongly suggest buying a few $20 quads from china and learning to fly before reviewing any more quads. 😉
    I own 6-7 micro quads and trust me it takes plenty of time and effort to get good. Watch a few youtube videos from that reviewers that only do quads and see for yourself. Thanks

  5. i'd recommend buying a couple of these smaller drones first as a training tool and a determiner of ability (drone and pilot). I've flown several of these and can maneuver them through my house, but not with the utmost stability and any little draft from say the a/c will send them stray. makes for some cheap fun. warning, quality does vary… http://www.banggood.com/Cheerson-CX10-CX10-Mini-24G-4CH-6-Axis-LED-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-926614.html

  6. Chanchi HD (Minecraft Noob)

    What about Lenovo Ideapad 305 I would love to see how minecraft runs.

  7. Chanchi HD (Minecraft Noob)

    Keep up the good work

  8. Chanchi HD (Minecraft Noob)


  9. Chanchi HD (Minecraft Noob)

    Can you review the lenovo g50-70 laptop please

  10. Timothy Fukuyama

    Nice review. I will say I disagree with your critique of the flight characteristics. I don't know how much experience you have with flying quads with only rotational flight control systems, but I have no issue flying mine. It is NOT a hands-off flight control type system by any means. If you don't have experience balancing craft manually (like typical helo designs), then agreed, you're going to have a tough time with this one.

  11. How proficient are you with nano drones? It may shed some light on how well this thing can be controlled.

  12. Love the new credits and intro!

  13. It ain't no DJI phantom!

  14. Mr. Some Gamer Dude

    "$59, $69"

    thats a bit much for a nano quad. might as well get something bigger with that price.

    the Cheerson CX-10c price tag looks so ever more pleasing after hearing and acutly looking up the price tag of what in this video

  15. Staring Intensifies

    Looks like a Cheerson with an added camera

  16. Carlos Rodriguez

    I love the new intro and outro!

  17. you just cant control it 😉 but then again when you look at what games you play ….p

  18. You should get a Syma X5C-1, way better control, better camera and it can be flown outside…its cheaper too $50 USD on most "Chinese websites".

  19. Man, these tiny drones are super expensive for basically a big flop. :/
    The video quality here isn't the worst thing in the world for what it is – surprisingly jitter-free – but it's clear they got whatever cheapest camera they could.

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