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Review of the Tiffen 77mm Variable ND Filter



  1. Justin Brown Photography

    I'm not sure you know what it means to "Review" something.I clicked on the video to see what your thoughts/findings of this particular filter are. Not a lesson on what ND filters are and how they work. This was not a review of a product. I'm looking to buy an ND filter. I want to pick the best one for my budget. That's why people watch product reviews. Not to learn everything about them all over again.I think the content is great and you did an excellent job of explaining the functionality of an ND filter. You should fix the title of the video to reflect it's content.

  2. Great job man! Highly detailed review and very helpful! Thanks and a subscription to your channel!

  3. Gustavo Betancourth

    Hi men. Is this specific for digital cameras and lens? When ND filters are for analog they used to paint red the image. So, this does not change the image quality?

  4. so can this be used for long exposure photos?

  5. for video we have no other choice than using a nd filter but even for stills the other good reason to use a nd filter in bright sunlight is that above f8 the image is less sharp as shown here : http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/50-comparison/f-stops.htm – i cannot understand why nd filters are not in all cameras, it is so essential and i wont cost them much if using a simple sliding (non variable) a good brand such a tiffen start at $17 for a fixed nd

  6. The ND variable filter makes a world of difference for video work…excellent video!

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