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LG G4 Camera Review: DSLR Replacement? | SuperSaf TV



  1. your 'dancing' eyebrows are disturbing

  2. dis guy has a monobrow but shaves it kakakaka

  3. today i will get the lg g4 and see if the device is good..i will tell u guys

  4. Official Karanbir

    Big like for u bro
    i finaly found a guy who does not do a add off any product .
    i recently purchased a nikon d5500 .
    so my question is : Is d5500 is better than LG G4?

    waiting your reply

  5. Canal muito bom Parabéns!!! sou do Brasil

  6. Can you have manual focus in video?

  7. Md. Mahbubur Rahman

    Very well done .

  8. Chandranee Jeebun

    for apple is 5mp not 1.2

  9. more talk less demo

  10. the best camera on a phone..

  11. When will LG update the camera software so it can record Full HD videos in 60FPS ??? Please LG!

  12. Does the LGG4 have a front flash and the back still have a dual flash as the G3 did?

  13. antuane portilla

    Great video!!! 

  14. Hey Saf , watching you in Australia…great reviews mate.

  15. Great review Saf, just bought this see device and love great camera but still love my note 3.

    And beauty face is handy for guys like me who don't share your great looks and youthful skin.

    Yes I think compact cameras are finished too. DSLRs will be next. 

  16. Andis Zvanbergs

    LG G4 definately can replace compact cameras, but DSRL not yet. But anyway sometimes you can get same quality pictures like DSRL cameras, but it depends from light. Anyway LG G4 manual mode is the best in world for now, S6 have same quality but it doesnt have manuals as LG does, like shutter speed.

  17. Rithwick Ronald

    Which DSLR are you using ?

  18. Tamizhan Tamil

    very deep explanation thank you i am your fan g4 is better nowadays i am waiting for bye iphone 7 or iphone 6s ( i am film maker )

  19. I said the same thing when I got the note 4.. bye bye Flip camera.. sold it on Craigslist 

  20. Is the LG g4c worth gettin over the g3s??

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