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The Big SJ4000 WiFi Action Cam Review



  1. William O'Connor

    does anyone else thinks he sounds like James May? 😀

  2. fucktheworld1207

    I got the wifi version a few weeks back for £32.95…..Question for you, in the loop setting, i set it to off as I want to record journey's from start to finish an not in segments, sometimes it will record the whole journey, then other times it just stops recording at various points?

  3. LOL moon landing types you just can't fix stupid as they say Techmoan good video.

  4. Leon Summerfield-Kehoe

    I'd recommend the CCCP over K-Lite. @Techmoan

  5. You sound like a young james may

  6. Better then a gro pro and only 18$!

  7. I wonder if you can catch a still photo whilst recording?

  8. Great review buddy. Contemplating getting it coz of this review.
    One thing though. That's the design on the Tram (the circles)

  9. CharlieTango one

    Can you give me the link to the Firmware please, and do I need to load this onto the camera? I have a sj4000 wi fi coming as the company you mentioned where you got yours, is where I got mine, no problem when I asked if they could send me this model instead of the sj5000+ which they have and refunded the difference.

  10. Is this camera able to move the image to projector or televison via hdmi?

  11. Your video is amazing man! Now I decided to buy this! I can't afford GoPro haha

  12. 19:21 hahaha yeah I think I'll just strap it on my motorcycle's handlebar

  13. Por Dentro da Bélgica

    Trés bien!

  14. Detroit Mushroom Company LLC

    I see a heavy blue cast is that added after, or just bad color expression in the camera?

  15. CharlieTango one

    After watching this video I went and bought one, and I am well pleased with it, I use it for a rear camera in the car, I see now they have the SJ5000+ wifi I have ordered one, but then changed my mind after the reviews that I watched, too many things going wrong with it, so asked if I could change it for the SJ4000 Wi Fi, waiting for a reply.

  16. Ordered an SJ4000 Wifi because of this review. Thanks!

  17. Throwing Things

    I got the SJ4000 Wifi but how do you get the footage onto a computer or laptop? Please help

  18. Hi , do you know how to undo the video lock?
    its a key logo at my video , i wish to cancel the video but cannot, its show protected video.
    can you teach me? thanks

  19. Not bad. Some reviews are so damn slow… Well done.
    What concerns me is the button at the front brushing against bushes and turning the camera off

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