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Peak Design Slide Camera Strap Review



  1. I subscribed immediately after you said "…this strap is sexy as *"
    and I couldn't agree more

  2. hungss nguyen hoang

    I have one, It's amazing! take my money PeakDesign :3

  3. Jack van der Linde

    You should check out the Peak Design lens system, might help you out at work.

  4. I liked the review, Devon. A bit on the longish side. Almost 14 minutes to review a camera strap, even PDs, is a way too much, for me. But it was a good review, and you covered most of the details. There is an issue with the Slide, which I saw you suffered from that too, but didn't commented on it, and is the creasing that folding the strap causes on the padded part of the strap. I called PD about that, and they said that they are aware of this issue, that it won't affect the padding performance, but they are looking for new materials to make the padding better and avoid the creasing.

    Regarding your desk, and if you do photo retouching there, which I would imagine you do, I'd strongly recommend against the neon lights glowing all kinds of funky colors. Your eyes white balance will be a mess, and that might impact your images. In case you care about correct color balance, and have a properly color profiled workflow. If you don't, then don't bother.

  5. at 4:31, I thought you had an extension for a second.

    And I do the wrist wrap, too. I want to say I've seen my cousins do it as well. If you get the Leash, it's still doable. I liked the slide, but didn't find I used the adjustability much (and the Lite didn't exist, so it was a bit overkill for the E-M5). My problem is going back and forth between finger straps and this, heh.

  6. Andre Poernomo

    Awesome video! But the background music is a bit distracting IMO

  7. Mr. Poopchillan

    Peak design had some defects to them of suddenly breaking or the locks falling apart. Has it ever happened?

  8. Thumbs up for Jean's camera work

  9. good job…you just made me want to purchase this…

  10. Dude greeting from Thailand! I just stumbled on your channel today. The video quality is TOP NOTCH, and I subbed. Wonder if you can get a hand on the field pouch They made https://www.peakdesign.com/product/bags/the-field-pouch. I don't carry a whole lot with me and wonder if it'll work well with my X-e2 +18-55+35f2 Thanks!

  11. That's quite the funky desk there Devon :P

  12. Loved your video man! I like the way you present your video's. With here and then some jokes.

  13. Tor Ivan Boine

    pro tip: use one of the anchor under the camera. then the camera will point downwards and be easier to grab. at least when wearing the strap over the left shoulder, camera on the right.

  14. Tor Ivan Boine

    "It's very versatile" I laughed :)

  15. K2PhotographyLab

    You need to try the PeakDesign ball gag with those straps. Thanks for great video, nice job, let's see some more….

  16. Stephen Wratten

    That should have said kneck!!😎

  17. Stephen Wratten

    Hi Devon fun video again! May I ask does the strap cut into your knock when wearing as it looks rather wide and sharp edged. Really enjoying your videos.

  18. Another great review, thanks Devon

  19. Bernardino Perez

    If you like to put your strap around your wrist (I did for a long, long time), you should try the Cuff. I think you will also love it.

  20. Petra Galloway

    Great video. Is the tan leather piece real leather?

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