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How To Use a Polarising Filter



  1. What type of filter holder is that, that clips on the lens? Also I see you can't use a lens hood with it. Is a lens hood not really needed when using polarizing or ND filters?

  2. I've stopped using polarizing filters many years ago. When I got home to view my images, I found that not only did the sky look unnatural, but I couldn't reverse the unnatural dark blue-tinted sky in photoshop. Overall, it's a personal preference and polarizing filters has it's uses for some things, not all things.

  3. TheTapdancer4ever

    hmmmm….no $100 dollar, or $200 dollar filter is going to give you clarity like the glass on a $2400 dollar L lens. Take the most expensive filter from B + W and put in on your lens. Take a picture with an expensive L lens, or any high quality lens with the polarizer. Then take a picture without the filter. Now take both pictures and zoom in 3x + and thank me later. =) You see the difference? When you're shooting with a 5D or 5DS or 5DS R, this is a HUGE NO NO. In commercial photography, this is unacceptable. My clients would think I'm a rookie if they found out I was using a filter. You can adjust the contrast or add a polarizing filter in post-processing. No need to degrade the clarity of the photo. I have to say though, it is a good lens protector, but no…..I'm not buying it. You can use a lens hood and protect the lens, and remove the glare going into the lens.

    In fact, most of the pictures look worse with a polarizer. The glare on water from the sun makes water look better…more natural. Taking that away is kind of weird if you ask me. People always say that you can make colors pop, but that's why you have post-processing. lol Any polarizer on a wide angle lens makes the gradation of saturation in the sky look fake and uneven. Just too many red flags.

    Oh my god, I almost forgot. You loose 1.5 – 3 FULL STOPS of light. uhhhhh, yeah. No no no no This is why we pay the big bucks for 1.4s, 1.8s, and 2.8s. If you're telling me that I'm always going to be shooting 3 stops lower and using higher ISOs…..no no no.

    This is why I have never in 14 years of professional photography seen anyone use a polarizer in front of me…and I've shot with some of the best.

  4. Great stuff Mike, as always.
    I use the Lee filter system,good quality. Im planning on going to the 105mm system with their foundation kit,this way I can own 1 Polariser for all my lenses, while being able to use my grads.
    Wow they can be pricey!…your thoughts here, go with the Lee brand ? Heliopan also make some nice pieces, although more money. Do you believe the extra cash on the Heliopan brand would be worth the extra money? The Old saying….You get what you pay for. I shoot mostly landscapes.
    Thanks for your Time 🙂 Dave

  5. Thanks for such great advise.

  6. Do you over expose by 2 stops?

  7. Awesome just awesome video ! Thanks !

  8. Thanks, this cleared up some mistakes I was making, I actually thought just adding a CPL would produce the different results.

  9. Thank you !!

  10. Christian Sanchez

    Anyone use Taste Filters? Simply the best filter around.

  11. thanks for this…

  12. Weird how the clouds stay the same those few minutes :-)

  13. Would the polarizing filter work in indoor aquarium or this is only a outside thing, I'm new to this and i just purchase the 77mm hoya hd circular polarizer

  14. Unrelated to photography, but can you tell me what the deal is with these beach huts that keep popping up in your videos? Never seen anything like them before… do people own them or rent them or what? What do they keep inside? Cheers…

  15. Thank you so much! After a hundreds of video and tests of cpl filters you've finally cleared one of the most important thing: it doesn't work at all into the sun or with the sun behind you. I'm thinking about all the youtubers I've seen unboxing and testing their brand new polarising filter saying "…well, actually I can't see any difference…no effect at all..". They were probably testing it in the wrong direction 🙂 Ah ah ah.

  16. Mohamed LMISSAOUI

    Any idea about the beautiful tripod used in this video ?

  17. Not really a days work to remove reflection off a car on photoshop. Give or take an hour :)

  18. Khaled Al Khder

    Is there any deferent between cpl and nd filter ?! Which the better?

  19. Great video! Maybe you can do one about using a pol filter for taking pictures through windows of eg. showcases. Somebody told me that a pol filter can remove most of the reflections. Best regards

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