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Magnetic Polariser filter = Better Pics – MagFilter CPL Filter, Test & Review



  1. Philippe Pascal

    Very nice review !
    They don't list all models their products will fit on…
    36mm for XZ-1 and XZ-2 is a good thing to know 😉
    But i think i will stay with stock tube adapter for one thing : my BIG good old macro filter 😀
    It is like a 18-55 kit front lens size and weight, and i don't think magnet will be enough…too bad.
    For any "normal" filter use, they sell a Filter Threaded Adapter Ring in 49mm thread, using the SAME ring than the 36mm CPL, so you can use any filters on it with adapter rings.

  2. Christopher Liando


  3. Will this mag filter SCRATCH the camera itself as its being turned around??

  4. Hi Blunty. I hope you can answer me 😉
    Will this filter work in my Pentax MX-1?
    Thank you!

  5. how about when the camera has a little plastic automatic lens cover

  6. Carry Speed is an awesome company, I absolutely adore their sling straps! Oh…. and THANK YOU BLUNTY!

  7. No it is because of his personality. i am australian and i know plenty of australians that could not make a review interesting in the slightest even in a life or death situation just because of their personality

  8. will it work for sony hx30v?

  9. Thanks Blunty. You've made my day with this little find!!

  10. You need to put your camera in the bin.

  11. Google… Trygger Camera Case.

  12. It would be cool if they made a micro sized one for on iPhone.

  13. randomusername202

    Thank you, Blunty.

  14. Thank you Blunty

  15. Bought one myself. Carryspeed are introducing a' MagFilter Threaded Adapter Ring' allowing you to use your own (any brand) 52mm/55mm/58mm filters. This is disappointing and I cannot help but feel a little duped by this company. A better alternative might be the 'Jens Faerber' filter system. Or if like me you have already bought one of these and would like to use your own filters then maybe try the 'millsart hack' whereby a 46mm step-up ring is glued into the red part of the Carryspeed filter.

  16. That's awesome.

  17. What is the first olympus camera shown in this video?

  18. When I'm shooting, I carry used to carry 8/9 filters and switching them was a pain and time wasting, I always wished they made magnetic ones, and I still do, but for now I just use a kokin system, but that's so expensive… I would still get magnetic filters for DSLR lenses if they made them

  19. Thanks!

  20. I would love one for smart phones

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