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Tested In-Depth: Sony a7 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera



  1. fuckin bastard couldnt shut up for 1 sec, wtf kind of review was this?! let the guy talk! its like he was going out of his way to seem like an annoying jerk. fuckin hell!

  2. youarenowwastingseveralsecondsofyourlifejusttoreadmyunnecessarilylongandtotallyuncalledforname

    3:17 "pentagram mirror system"
    it's official, finally there is a camera dedicated for satanists
    the Canon 666D

  3. "you loose alot by using manual lenses with something like this"……. wtf shut the fuck up already hahahahaha

  4. Alvin Drafting

    Nice cutting mat ;)

  5. The guy with the beard could have done everything by himself. He tells the other person how to answer his questions. That is interesting to watch

  6. Just when I thought no one used two-curtain shutters anymore…

  7. Stop all the bitching about the dude on the left.  He adds a great balance for those just starting.  It was great.  Thank you . . . appreciated the questions.

  8. Mervin Ho Yen Wey

    please do A7 ii !!! thanks =)

  9. Dude on the left needs to shut up and let the man talk.

  10. 3.41 "in dark rooms and that its easier to see through your eyes" NO! tell him, damnit.                         an optical viewfinder gives you what the lens is getting. It does not give you any preview how your pic is gonna look like. even if you are wide open, it cant preview iso and shutterspeed.                                                                                                                                                                      even with the "show me how my pic is gonna look like" function turned off, evf is much better in lowlight.                Even with a f1.8 lens, my dslr apsc is less bright than the evf of my a65 slt (mirror but evf, kinda in between) with a 3.5.

  11. Eduardo Romero

    Hey you fat white bastard, shut the fuck up with the commentary for fuck sake!

  12. you guys are horrible photographers but it's alright, at least you're trying. you take terrible photos and you put the ISO way too high

  13. Only thing. Will subscribe in future. But evey product i have been looking up. U guys hav a review on it. But i cant find it in ur play list. N agin. Im also new to ur chanle. But ya. I no im missing alot. I no there are alot of places these vidios can be at. So ill loooook intonit. Thanks agin.

  14. Wow. When ur new at this u have to watch u have to watch this over 10 times to understand everything and to realize its wortg every penny. N u can figure out ur 5 year plan. Amazing video. Wowww. Now im looking into other options but i dont think ull get a better csamera for $2000. Honistly. Bling bling.

  15. Another bed tine story

  16. True – very annoying interruptions.

  17. it would be less annoying if the the other guy would stop interrupting.

  18. White guy seems to be a Canon guy…I feel sorry for him

  19. A lot of people here seem to be really hating on the white guys style of reviewing but i like it. I think it's deliberate, he poses questions that a beginner/novice would ask regarding a new camera and the Asian guy gives the "expert" answer/answer. Better than reading from a spec sheet. Seems like a more natural exchange, refreshing to see after watching so many, almost, choreographed reviews.

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