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Product Review: Lg Pocket Photo Printer



  1. on aliepress they sell the machine for 130euro and the paper 10euro for 30

  2. By the way, the Polaroid Zink papers works with this printer, and costs about 10$ for 100 photos

  3. crap too sloow!!!

  4. That was a cute and very informative review lol


  5. Robyn Simmons (The eternal scholar)

    Thankyou for uploading this instruction video! Now all I have to do is pair it up with my ipad as well!  Thanks again!

  6. Can you use the fujifilm paper?

  7. she got it about a week ago

  8. Trisha Bluhm-Huffman

    $90 for 55 prints? If I'm understanding that correctly that's insane… (Not to mention that was you ordering from Korea, presumably to "save" money? )

  9. Let me guess , you love green color?? Right,right!

  10. Hi – I have purchased one of these and I am having real problems with it – it worked for the first 10-15 photos, now when I switch it one. the power light is red, not green, and now it doesnt work. I left it for a few hours to see if that helped, it worked again for about 3 more photos and now not working again 🙁 I cant find a user manual in English so I dont know what to do. Only got it yesterday.

  11. If you are using an iphone you don't need to touch it to the printer as it uses Bluetooth not NFC. The blue card is used to tell the printer what kind of paper is in the printer so you only need to use it the one time unless you are changing the type of paper. It uses the same paper as the older versions so sometimes you can find it at Best Buy or other similar store. Having fun with mine!

  12. Can you use s samsung galaxy note 3 phone on this device?

  13. do u have to only use a phone

  14. Can i use nokia to use this pocket photo? Some say that you can use any type of phone with bluetooth, and some say that it is only for android and ios. Please heelp :'

  15. In order for the printer to work do you always need to have the wifi on ?

  16. was going to buy

  17. do you have to keep putting that original blue sheet in before you print a photo?

  18. SO COOL!!!!!!!  LOVE IT!!!  Its going on my Bday wish list!!  Thanks for showing this!! – Michelle

  19. Aommy DelSoesjesta

    Im about to purchase this item and ur review is very helpful

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