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Lee filters How to use ND Grads filter holder basics



  1. I bought the Lee ND grad soft filter set and Lee 105mm Circular Polariser and neither had a cleaning cloth!

  2. Daniela Argandoña

    can you use them inverted ? I mean on with the dark grad up and stack one with the dark grad on the downside? Thanks to answer!

  3. Daniela Argandoña

    Thank you so much! Just what I was looking for to learn! Regards from Uruguay.

  4. Lee is overpriced.

  5. Nice video, it pretty much explained everything I was unsure about. Thanks.

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  7. Extremely helpful info, this is exactly what I have been trying to learn about the Lee Foundation kit. Many thanks

  8. i have a question.. can i use the Formatt 77mm WA adaptor ring to the Lee Filter holder? 

  9. Guillermo Gallego Lora


  10. Jonas Isager-Nielsen

    Where can you buy it at?…

    And can I get one for Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L objektiv?…

  11. It's useful! 

  12. It's useful! 

  13. It's useful! 

  14. Can you buy square polarizer filters with various grades instead of the expensive circular polarizer ? 

  15. I have Cokin Z filter holder, which takes same rectangular filter sizes. I use a slim Nikon circular polarizer filter on the lens, then attach the ring adapter and the kit. Using the EF 10-22 on EOS30D, at 10mm sometimes (depending on angle) I could see the sides of the filter (when three rectangular are stacked).

    I heard that LEE foundation holder is better than Cokin. And I read recommendations about Hitech filters being a cheaper alternative to LEE, and better quality than Cokin

  16. just got my set of ND soft grads from dale photographic in leeds merrion centre they seem to be the only dealers that have them in stock 

  17. Farouk Cherchali

    did you get the 105mm polarizer filter? I got the same lee filter system the 105mm is $300 and not even in stock any other options? thanks for sharing!

  18. Great video! Can you please answer this soon! I was wondering if I can also attach a circular polarizing filter to that holder?

  19. You'll need a 58mm standard adapter and a 77mm wide adapter, make sure you you get the wide for the 77 otherwise you'll get vignetting. The standard lee holder fits all adapters, its a separate part and independant of the adapters.

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