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Top 5 Drones You Should Have [Drone With Camera]



  1. Vinz From Philippines

    Sana kahit isa manlang dyan sa drones magkaroon ako!! :)

  2. "premiumbeat dot com"

  3. When you're commenting about the noise among drones and the orchestra, you may have not noticed how hard it is to orchestrate all drones in formation. How about network a team of drones to fly stuns like the Blue Angels? I wish some rich men would put big bonus to entice more creativity. SH

  4. wawww i want this

  5. god damn that Carbonflyer intro music was annoying!

  6. kann ich mir leider alle nicht leisten nicht mal eine davon.


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  8. where the hell is dji phantoms i would never buy other than a phantoms tjey are the best drones ever and you guys not recomending them thats hate

  9. Is the dubstep music played with on-board speakers or do I need to provide them myself?

  10. why isn't the Phantom 4 on there? isn't it a good drone aswell c'mon ill buy it if I could afford it

  11. Hazzbazz8 Winto

    The cyphy is the worst

  12. Jovic Macabuhay

    Now I have the ghost drone

  13. Click bait video

  14. Shuen-Chen Shiue


  15. Taylor Stephens

    A drone that follows you with out human control isn't that great lmao #deadinatree

  16. Michael Brauweiler

    Whats the name of the music from the intro ??

  17. ThatRandomChannel

    u forgot the q202

  18. They call it the ghost but really it's the biggest stalker device!! For gods sake it has a follow mode!!!!

  19. UniversalExpanse

    i want a drone that you can use to pick up a pizza and bring it home. so it will use gps for navigation. also it will have simultaneous voice so i can talk to the pizza guys. I also want it to be programmable so i can get it to travel to places via gps or google maps whatever

  20. retards the phantom 4 is the best

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