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The AT200 Budget WiFi Action Camera Review



  1. Does it come with a sd card??

  2. i don´t like the quality XIAMO YI is much better

  3. Amazing review, very thorough. wish all reviews were like this.

  4. Jack Mansfield

    Best pimp joke I've ever heard 

  5. TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    Uses an older version of this os…simple V.00.10.00. Aka v1

  6. TechBaron, Cameras and more!

    Got a black sj4000 look alike. Aptina and novatek. Says wifi simply anf had a guy skeeing behind welcome message…have not got this thing to recognize a firmware or any ..just turns on…possible sd28w or at200. Please help o master of the firmware..purchased for 70

  7. underboob? 18:40

  8. Cool, you visited Finland, I hope you liked it. 🙂 

    I just ordered a Xiaomi Yi Action Cam and I should receive it tomorrow or Monday.

    Have you got any plans to review it anytime soon?

    It is a very interesting little camera, very low budget but still has WiFi, Bluetooth, 1080p@60 fps and 720@120 fps etc. etc.  Some call it  "The GoPro Killer", LOL 😀 
    The downside of it: So far they don't really sell ANY accessories for it yet, except a monopod 🙁 Not even a waterproof case needed to use it in submerged, like the manufacturer promises, up to 40 meters depth,

  9. the difference of sound i laugh so hard =))

  10. +Techmoan Does the remote control works with sj4000 wifi? 

  11. So which is better, AT200 Budget WiFi Action Camera or SJ4000 HD Action Camera? Wanna buy one of these, but which one?

  12. yay you went to finland

  13. Hello Techmoan,
    there for a WiFi Cam – app?
    I have the Cam SKU: DV20001H

  14. i want to ask,the watch shutter is not working on my camera, it's like not connect,do you know how to fix it?

  15. DragonBreath Action

    I think that all these companies are copying GoPro with their shape and textures of the camera, even the button on the front is the same as GoPro's just it is all moved around. I would rather go out and buy an actual GoPro (which is much better and what I've done) instead of buying a cheap and nasty camera. BTW keep making vids mate, love them all. I'm not even after any other camera than my GoPro but watch all of your vids. PS can you do some give aways, might be a good idea if you do the giveaways maybe make the premiere one a REALLY good camera like the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition. :)

  16. Capt Daves Sportfishing Charters

    I guess "shape" was the demise of the KROCOLIS?? I think that was the 1st review I watched of yours that really showed me your A to Z review skills.

  17. muvment.pictures

    do you have At200 firmware update? thanks before

  18. Well …. Scjam a.k.a sj4000 better than at200 ?
    Give me point 0 to 10 for :
    Sjcam quality video:
    Sjcam quality sound:

    At200 quality video:
    At200 quality sound:

  19. Please do a video of a vivitar hd 787 camcorder thank you..

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