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Canon dslr 100-400mm L USM lens review



  1. I have the lens, and it is awesome on my 5d Mark-II, super sharp and accurate. On my 7D-II it gives me reach of 640mm due to 1.6 crop sensor, again a very good combination for wild life fast action photography. I would have used a tripod for this review to avoid shake. With proper settings this lens is a must addition to my Canon lineup especially where my 70-200mm 2.8L-II is not enough. I am planning of adding a 1.4X-II tele-converter to my kit for wildlife coverage, which will give me super reach of 560mm and 896mm on 5D-MKII and 7D-II respectively. This lens is Canon's prime and a must.

  2. would you still recommend the 400mm prime lens or this zoon lens? I am having a hard time deciding. Thank you!

  3. orlando las vegas

    Is this a fast lens? Do you recommend it for wildlife pics? Thanks

  4. do you know what review means?

  5. Great videos. I like that you don't take any poo from anyone. Funny.

  6. Amit Kumar Sarkar

    Stupid video.

  7. Stopped watching when the 3.5 error came up. It's impossible to call a thing a review and at the same time not to know about the basic tech specs. That's ridiculous.

  8. Andre MINORETTI

    Better you go to learn to use a Canon Lense, i am not a stupid viewer, i dont agress you but you treat me of stupid than now i said you are a stupid maker

  9. Andre MINORETTI

    It's a stupid video, move too much why you dont use a tripod than people can see something

  10. As long as you're willing to consider using a prime lens instead, the 400mm f5.6 L will be much better as it gives you much sharper images.

  11. The reach is incredibly good. Very impressive.

  12. thanks for that!

  13. truuuuu prooooooo

  14. qomrr fiedraly

    Necessary Tripod !!

  15. Jared Leibowitz

    hahaha I was thinking that can't be right!

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  17. Jared Leibowitz

    You are NOT 52! hahaha What?! I swear you're like 35 at the oldest!

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  19. 550d and 600d are almost the same camera

  20. Steven Robinson

    Some men own a big willy and big lenses. Fact.

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