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UV Filter vs No UV Filter – DigitalRev TV Test



  1. Lucas Gaming!!!

    6:00 xD

  2. Fernando De la Fuente Mora

    uv filter just makes our photos suck

  3. 648 ppl bought a 200€ filter

  4. I like your videos and enjoy them quite a bit, but the music is always too loud and distracting on most, if not all, of your videos! you should try to minimize the music and definitely turn it down!

  5. What about where UV actually plays a larger role like in high altitudes?

  6. That's a lens cap

  7. Kandi Klover (Fursuiter Furry)

    I never used it on film either and it does just fine.

  8. Kandi Klover (Fursuiter Furry)

    I never used it on film either and it does just fine.

  9. Thanks alot for a great test:). Just what I was looking for

  10. Filter is nothing special IMHO. Only protect lens to scratches.I invite You to watch my channel too Guys :-)

  11. William Kulich

    "If you're not a klutz…"
    Haha, given Kai's history in these videos I'm amazed he doesn't user five UV filters at once.

  12. Why are you smashing the lens 😢 😢 jus give it to me mofuc

  13. Sensible Musician

    haha nice scientific palm slalom test

  14. I only use a UV Filter for so called Protection when I can.. Such as wind kicking sand and dirt up around areas with construction. I've found it does absolutely nothing when it comes to improving an image, but there are times when it will completely destroy an image in certain settings… Such as anything at night or day with bright lights (Example trains, cars planes etc..) I have had countless images taken of approaching locomotives that seem to have a double set of head lights in the image. This is from the light reflecting back off the UV filter into the lens off of the D5100, but it completely disappears when I take the UV Filter off…

  15. was hat fussball mit OV filter zutun ?????

  16. Is the internet's most talented photographer ever coming back? (I might just have missed it, but I don;t think so…?) I absolutely loved to see it, binge watched it in a day.

  17. Crystal Chambers

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooove you guys. I'm an aspiring photographer from Jamaica. Keep the good work up. Btw, would you guys care to sponsor me a camera please? You practically have sooo much, which explains the care u guys give them in the videos…lolol…..

  18. c'hai i soldi pe rompere macchine fotografiche professionali e fattelo no stabilizzatore per fare i video no?

  19. bit hard to judge the effect on contrast since you can see from the vid it was windy, tree leaves waving about affecting the images especially the pic for the pro filter when comparing to no filter

  20. Gustavo Weckesser

    There´s another reason to attach a filter to the lens: Some lenses, like the EF 24-70 f/2.8L are totally sealed, only when a filter is attached. Without filter, the front element is not sealed. In that case it makes a difference to use the lens with or without the UV filter.

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