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The best mirrorless camera under $1000 (2015)



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  1. I like the XT10 because the number 10 is my shoe size and thats important to me and my cat …

  2. Teodore Hatzikostas (teodoreh)

    Nice sensor review 😀
    Best mirrorless for me is by far NX500. Great sensor, great AMOLED, 4K, best kit-lens, good lens (like the 45mm 3D) and cheap as hell compared to a6300.

  3. This guy is an idiot

  4. What is the song name (in the background at the begin)???

  5. Dorris Baumann

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  6. All I saw in the tittle was 100 until I tapped the video

  7. A bit off topic but just trying to help out. Anyone looking for a great small camera with near DSLR capabilities, interchangeable lenses, and full manual controls but are looking for $500 and under, check out the mid-range Olympus Pens like the E-PL5, E-PL6, or E-PL7. They are not the absolute newest but are incredible value for the money. They rely a tiny bit more on in-menu controls (but that is easy to get used to and quite customizable) and don't have a built-in viewfinder, but you will be blown away by the image quality, lightning fast autofocus, compact size, and overall capabilities of a camera that can be bought for $300-$500 depending on the model you choose. Read the specs!! The E-PL5&6 are not much different than the E-PL7 but are a bit cheaper just because they're a little older. They also have the same sensor as the OM-D E-M5 which costs significantly more.

    I just bought an E-PL6 as a backup to my DSLR but ended up loving it so much I sold my DSLR two weeks later because the Oly can do almost everything the DSLR can but is much much smaller and the sale of my USED DSLR paid for my new E-PL6.

    Full disclaimer: I am NOT a professional photographer so I can't attest to the capabilities in regards to very demanding jobs but I am an avid shooter for personal fine art purposes and demand a great deal from my camera and these Olympus Pens deliver in stride!

    I only bring this up because a lot of people watching reviews and best of videos on youtube are people in the market for a new camera and a lot of them are new or newish to more advanced cameras and I feel the Olympus Pens really are one of the best values if you don't have to have a built in viewfinder and all the external knobs. For those reasons, these amazing cameras tend to be overlooked even though they are fantastic cameras.

  8. did you record this video with a mirrorless camera?

  9. Nikon 1 j5
    should I buy it.??
    getting it for around 250 $ along basic lens

  10. çağrı demir

    hello(sorry for bad english first), im thinking buy samsung nx mini 9-27mm lens,for social media, also i got iphone 6s plus, it really worth buy nx mini ? or nx mini and iphone 6s have same photo quality ??

  11. i did`n buy a mirrorles camera because it`s lens are more expensive that canon dsrl lens.

  12. no eos m3?

  13. What camera/lens was used to shoot this video? Looks crispy

  14. Tbh Sony a7,a7r,a7s all destroy fuji film but why aren't they included

  15. Rocking the x-t10 myself and it really is something!

  16. Do u know of any mirrorless video cameras? Sony a6000? Looking for 1080p 30fps or 60fps. Thx guys and nice vid

  17. I want to start photography all this info is so confusiong I know what kind of pictures I want to do mostly persons and city picture but I don't know which to take??could someone enlight me pls

  18. I'm not sure about this, but I think the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 4K is so much better! (not sponsored post lol!)

  19. the x-t10 has the same sensor as every other x camera. which is now over 2 years old also. great sensor but it also needs updating, well at least their processor and af system.

  20. Well, of course I want a good refresh to the a6000, maybe touchscreen, a little more dial and better interface, but the a6000 is not bad.

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