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Tested In-Depth: Best Entry-Level DSLR Camera



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  1. do the canon have some other name than t5i?
    cant find it in sore where I live, want to check the prize.

  2. good job! thanks for all the work!

  3. whats the best camera for under 300 for videoing and zooms….

  4. Whats up with that guy's hair? Is he doing a Donald Trump?

  5. I'm looking for camera with best image quality,, switching from my Samsung note 4 camera! $600 budget

  6. LifeInColorGames

    8:24 he took a big ass gulp

  7. TheAcenightcreeper

    1 Word: Accutane

  8. If you have a Nikon dslr body but you want to upgrade the lense can you go with another brand

  9. Buy a used d700 or 5d m1 with 700 bucks instead of that APS garbage

  10. what if apple made Dslr 's ???

  11. Anyone have any thoughts on the Canon T3i vs the T5?

  12. ᴄᴀʀ ᴇɴᴛʜᴜsɪᴀsᴛ

    I need some help, Quick. I'm doing Photography 1 next year and I'm a active photo person for cars and nature. What would be the best SLR camera that's entry level, cheap, and is a good structure?

  13. So is the video that significantly bad on the d3300? been considering it over the t5i but I'm semi interested in shooting video

  14. The best entry camera? SONY a6000

  15. I wish there where entry level 4k cameras. I have a ultra wide monitor and I cant find any content that can fit the screen. Why? because there's no entry level cameras for 4k.

  16. I'm shooting video so I picked the the T5i.

  17. are all mirror less
     cams micro 4 3rds or no

  18. After doing some research and really dedicating myself to this new venture/hobby. I took The Wirecutter's recommendation on a mid-level DSLR and I really couldn't be happier. I had always wanted to take super sharp pictures and don't really mind the learning curve… Don't make the same mistake of buying a point and shoot and suffice with sub-par pictures. Get yourself a solid DSLR or mirrorless and never go back.

    The one downside of a proper camera is the size… nothing here that has a decent lens is going into your pocket. So that means in hand or on strap. Guess it's awesome that everyone has a decent camera on their phone these days to fill that gap.

  19. Nikon d3300 FTW! Im using it right now!

  20. I am wondering why they did not discuss taking video with any of these. Did I miss it? Because that is a huge thing with DSLR these days, so why not take some time to discuss that? I believe Canon wipes the floor with Nikon in this department, especially when you consider magic latern

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