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Studio Lighting Comparison Review-$200+: Paul C. Buff, Alien Bees, Elinchrom, Profoto, Flashpoint



  1. Good review! I use Einsteins and I'm very happy with them. My only minor grip, I wish they had a handle on top.

  2. Michelle Silberberg

    I laughed out loud when you said "PC sync cords suck." :D

  3. damn, now I regret passing up an Einstein deal locally (here in Vancouver BC)

  4. Arteaga Productions

    Great Video, what do you think about the Flashpoint Rovelight600

  5. mary grace Vallesteros

    Try Tronix Explorer XT3 designed for powerful compacts/strobes. at fast recycle times at full power.

  6. I'd wished your test would have also shown which flash outputs the light more consistently specially at the lowest power setting!! Also I have to disagree with about the Profoto reliability and performance! I have both Einstein and Profoto 500 D1 Air and can tell you although the built quality of Profoto is better but performance wise Einstein is a much better performer specially at the lowest power setting.

  7. Thank you soo much for doing this comparison!

  8. An annotation could be added to this other wise very informative video.
    All of the Elinchrom rx strobes can now all sync at 1/8000 of a second with nikon and Canon cameras by using the new
    El-Skyport Plus HS transmitter.
    Up until now Elinchrom was only good up to 1/800s flash duration at the flash sync of your camera. Now it also controls power and shows all of the strobes and there settings on an LCD display. Its worth a look and comes in at $249.95
    Thats it for now….enjoy High speed sync with your camera set at unto 1/8000 shutter speed with the Elinchrom studio strobes!
    The Einstein has a shorter flash duration but if I am correct the elinchrom is the only studioflash on the market with high speed sync.

  9. Zhan Westinghouse

    Fantastic vid Tony you've answered a lot of questions I had in my mind. Thanks!!

  10. Mitchell Graff

    Tony – you make the BEST videos, and cover exactly what we all need to know. Love the way you talk, and present your material. This was a superb video. Thanks.

  11. Stephen Lambrecht

    Tony, really useful review. I have been a PCF Alien Bees fan for a long time and never truly understood the difference between AB, White Lightning & Einstien flash units. I do not do rapid frame rate usage so I'm leaning to the Alien Bees B800. I have a degree in commercial photography which has not been used in a long time as I have worked as a research technician for the past many years.
    Photography still fascinates me. I no longer have my Linhof view camera but the Mamiya RB 67 is still clomping along. My Canon line-up is getting buffed out nicely soon to add e-ts 24 ll.
    Thanks for the insight.

  12. Very nice intro to understanding studio strobe systems. Well done, thank you.

  13. Hey Tony great review. Are you going to update this now that multiple strobe companies support TTL and some support HSS?

  14. Tony please review the new skyport plus hs

  15. it's Very Good test

  16. What a superb overview and comparison of studio lighting. Exactly what we need to know presented and demonstrated in a relatively short period of time. Thanks Tony!!!!!

  17. Virginia Hoffman

    Thank you for this video, you did a great job showing the differences.

  18. hey Tony can I control the built in recivers in the light through yongnuo transmiter?

  19. Hey Tony, have you tested the Phottix Indra500?

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