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Sony FDR-AX33 4K (UHD) Camcorder Review. Plus Sample Video



  1. What's the best sd cards for this camera ? And can u hook this up to an iPad Pro?

  2. Benestery Films Entertainment

    Best test video! Thanks:))

  3. Andrew Feraci (FeraciVids)

    Hey man! I loved this review! I also live in Boise Idaho! Great video footage

  4. AmericanCoinHunting

    Do you remember if you shot most of the end of this video in (Pop color effect) or was that just done in post with color correction ?

  5. don't know, just looks slightly better than 1080p, but that's it

  6. Hi, Are you able to also shoot in 1080p with 4k cameras?

  7. Pavel Romančík

    Extern microphone included or buy plus?

  8. My mac is a late 2009. If I change the file format to XAVC S HD. Will this allow me to edit a 2hr event without the lag.

  9. Murray Alexander

    Sample video is outstanding, you did very well, colours clarity, wow.

  10. The colors look amazing. Sony always does a great job with that. XAVC looks nice.

  11. hello , for the night vision mode is HD or 4K … or both ? thx !

  12. Thanks for your Video. I think I am going to buy one now like that. By the way can you give the name of the back ground music for this posting, I really liked it. Thanks

  13. The Showtruck Channel

    i have a question about the sd card. recording in 4k takes 100mbps, but the sd card goes to 95mbps. it is possible to film in 4k on a similar card, or should i go for a more expensive 150mbps card?

  14. 4k sony or 4k gopro?

  15. lacamaracofrade-apiedetrono

    Hello, not English and am using google translator.
    I bought AX33 but I finish satisfied with the performance in low light, usually engrave night and I wonder if Panasonic HC-VX870 performs better in low light. There is much difference?
    I also worry about the stabilization system. Over time it will not damage the lens is not fixed?
    If you like the Sony, I would like to give me a tip for not returning the camera.
    I urge your answer because I'm still in time to return the camera.
    Greetings from Málaga. Spain.

  16. how long can this record for without stopping? i have the t3i and it stops every 10 minutes

  17. hows the audio ?

  18. I have another Sony – the HDR-PJ710V, but I found the video useful to me for the battery link alone. Thanks!! BTW, for 4K video I use my Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, also a sweet camera.

  19. Finally free of the terrible tripod AND cumbersome dolly track. Amazing demo, made all the purchase choice difference, thanks.

  20. Would this be good with filming inside? For a vlog, for example?

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