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SONY A5100 Mirrorless Camera – Review (Photo & Video comparison)



  1. Eric myers jr.

    Wow what camera dos you use for this video?

  2. Christie Brenner

    what camera do you think its better the SONY A5100 or the Sony RX100 IV ?

  3. What does mirrorless mean i want to get the sony a5100 but says mirrorless I'm wondering what that means

  4. Great review, thanks!

  5. it*

  6. can i uplode like snapchat in ot please someone answer me ???

  7. can you tell me what are the settings for a wonderfull video quality? the best quality! what file format and what record setting to chose please…
    thanks a lot !!!

  8. Nice review bro !!!!!

  9. it has over heat problem.. otherwise.. its good

  10. Athina Politis

    I heard this camera over heats within 15 minutes, is that true??

  11. Hello Jim,

    Just wanted to know if you while recording video using the Sony a5100 have ever experienced overheating?

  12. Watched this video & decided to buy this camera. A bad experience with this camera. Bought this camera around 1 month ago for traveling to Taiwan trip, but during the trip it auto power off, I tried to take out the battery & insert the battery again, even try to insert another fully charge original battery, it just cannot power on again. Really disappointed with the product & spoilt my holiday mood.

  13. thank you for this review. I am considering buying a new camera and I think this review has helped


    спасибо, единственное адекватное видео.

  15. did you experience overheating issues with this camera? I've been hearing a lot about this issue and it's the only thing I'm worried about if I buy this camera

  16. Editing is on point… Props!

  17. This review is awesome! Very helpful, I think I'm going to purchase this camera!

  18. Thanks very much for this review, very helpful!

  19. Hi、I'm in the midst of choosing either to buy Sony a5100 or Fujufilm X-a2. Could u make a video of Sony a5100 VS Fujifilm X-a2? It would be a really big help 😊

  20. i want to get this for youtube videos. but thw overheating issue is holding me back. what do you recommend for videos like tutorials?

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