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Samsung NX500 Mirrorless Camera – REVIEW



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  1. Samsung nx500 or Sony a5100?

  2. mew chii (xomewchii)

    Thank you! This was really helpful! ~

  3. this or panasonic gx8?

  4. Thierry Newman

    Hey Jim or anyone that can advice, can you tell me please, 
    I am thinking of getting this camera but do you think nevertheless it is better to wait a couple a months more and get the NX 1? 
    My priority is image quality whether it is video or photo

  5. You said there are better camera's out there, now I'm curious, which one?

  6. Man I swear you should replace inbox therapy your work is so much more smooth and not full of corny jokes or trying really hard to be cool

  7. hello jims i want to ask you about samsung nx500 sony a5100 and fujifilm xa2 which one should i pick?? thank you jimss..

  8. Javeria Khaled

    hey Jim please do answer me, is this better than the Sony a5100?
    I'm actually planning on buying it

  9. Samsung NX500 or Canon Rebel t6i?? Can someone help?

  10. Ch Chand Tanha

    Will you please compare with Sony A6000 or Nikon D3300 ? I want to see how they stack up against each other.

  11. Ch Chand Tanha

    I like your Videos and yeah I subscribed.

  12. Ch Chand Tanha

    it's Rated as the king of Apsc cameras on Dxomark website.

  13. pls blow your nose, you sound congested

  14. Peter Vernelen

    Great video review, just can't decide between this and the Sony a6000 love the oled touch screen and simple but effective menu on the NX on the other hand missing an EVF is a serious downer, btw video isn't a priority for me since I mainly will use it for stilts, all feedback welcome

  15. Awesome job at this video. Very impressed. Subbed.

  16. would you say this is a better camera than the sony a5100 or canon g7x overall?

  17. blackl1steddrums

    Top Notch Editing, gj man


    guys look my last short film with nx500

  19. thank you for your review, so helpful!
    Now I know what I need to get.

  20. I can't stand camera reviewers, cause these people "nit pick" any and everything thing they can. Watch, just 3 years from now, the NX1 will be considered obsolete on various levels.

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