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Review: Canon XA20 (XA25 / HF-G30)



  1. MostwantedtvChannel

    thanks for the review,really interesting, which camera would you suggest for a professional music video production, i prefer a cam coder to a DSLR and i could stretch my budget to 2000 euros, somebody told me about the new Sony ax53 to be release this month, been looking at different cameras and kind of confuse now,pls helo if you know, thanks

  2. "Pressing your grubby finger all over the touch screen" lol 😀 Nice review.

  3. Canon have released a new version of this, called the XA 30/35. It would be great if you could get it, and review it. It would also be really good to compare it to the Sony PXW-X70. 

  4. Jonathan Weeks

    Exceptional review, couldn't have asked for anything better!

  5. Panda x Gaming

    Would you say the video quality on all 3 models is the exact same for live output?

  6. Bowhunting RadNek

    Thanks for sharing.   great info.

  7. alphaphotoandvideo

    today 5/5/15 is still a good buy the G30? it is $1,200.00 on bh, adorama and amazon  or should I wait for a G 40 ?

  8. can you take photos on this camera?

  9. the best review! thanks!

  10. Sky Generation

    canon xa20 or sony ax100 ?

  11. Hi,
    I need an information about the camcorder Canon XA20 (XA25 / HF-G30).
    In video output AV(composite) on an external video monitor, it shows information about battery, time recording ?
    Thank you.

  12. Do you like this camcorder better then Canon 70D w/ 70-200 2.8 Is & 17-55 ? used mainly for concert footage .

  13. is there any camcorder that better than this for 2000$

  14. The Gaming Jugga-nut

    Okay, watch at least one of my videos to understand this. I am looking for camcorder, one that has minimum motion blur, 1080p, but doesnt have to have built in memory.

  15. Amine Chanekar (slimamine)

    how to u use handl xa20 on HF-G30 

  16. I like you video clips, but I have a question. If I needed a camcorder to do wildlife and to do some weddings and also sports, and can have an external mic ontop or clipped onto a person  for like a documentary/interview and has good image quality, what could/would you recommend to me?  I don't mind if the camcorder is a few years old and I have about a grand "$1,000" to play with. Your help is appreciated.

  17. Andreas Ougland

    Hi there, and thanks for a nice walkthrough of this camera. I'm going to buy an extra camera in about a month or two, and the ones I'm thinking about is the Canon Legria HF G30 and the Sony HDR-CX900. They are priced equally, and have their +'es and -'es, both of them.

    I already got a Canon Legria HF G10 which I'm using now, but I'm having some problems shooting amateur music videoes in low lighting, therefore I'm leaning a little towards the Sony.

    What would you suggest for an extra camera for me? Mostly shooting music videoes and recording meetings/speeches and so on.

    Thanks in advance :)

  18. Rainer Listing

    Just noticed this review –  in case anyone is put off by the reviewer's suggestion that high quality dual recording is not possible, this is incorrect – you can dual record at the same high level, or at either 3 or 4Mbps on the second card. I think the manual is maybe a bit confusing in describing this, but it's quite clear when you use the camera. Must be frustrating for Canon engineers who have done something quite smart to have it misinterpreted.

  19. Ricardo Marquina Montañana

    Good Review, thanks! i buye this camara like a second camera, smal and easy,for tv work out side i recomend it 

  20. Peter Weatherall

    Can anyone help me? I have the canon xa20. I imported footage to my computer (AVCH format: 50fps PCM audio) and opened to edit in Premiere Pro (5.0). However there is no audio. What's the problem here. Is my version of premiere too old. There is audio when I play the clip in the camcorder but not in my computer (windows 7 64bit) in premiere or windows media player – just the video. How to I access the audio stream. Thanks in advance

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