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Our first camera review – Fujifilm X30 (Retro Style Point and Shoot)



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  1. This USSR camera "ФЭД-2" my mam got the same)

  2. Genesis Vazquez

    How much is it ?

  3. edrielle samson

    This is the best camera review I have seen in ages. Wow

  4. Excellent review – the best I've seen on this camera.

  5. So this or a Sony a5100 for someone who's getting into these small form factor types of camera?

  6. Shikhar Bhatnagar

    What do u call these type of transitions of textbox at 2:09 ??

  7. Спасибо!

  8. Dinda Tumampas

    Available to change the lense or not? if we want to change it with another lense?

  9. very professional review… love your work guys…. keep it up.

  10. man, I love this review. Great job :D

  11. Great review. But you do not have to turn the lens to view your Pictures ! you can press on the view button for 1-2 seconds. :)

  12. The Moment Mill | Design & Photography

    Hold the playback button when the camera is off to review images without turning the lens.

  13. Haneesa Zahidah

    More importantly, this video is beautiful

  14. Brilliant photo dude! Thanks a lot!

  15. Kristine Flores

    Good voice 😊 good for ads

  16. Hit or miss AF? What a disappointment. So i guess it's not for street photography:(

  17. that was a perfect review, thanks

  18. Could you do a review on the NX300 by Samsung?
    There are pretty in-expensive for what you get and they have that retro style.

  19. Amazing amazing VIDEO EDITING SKILLS !! The video is edited really well and professional ! Subscribed ! The images with the shadows on the camera are beautiful, the general editing blowed my mind !

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