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Nikon D3100 – best entry-level DSLR?



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  1. lee kwang soo at 5:23

  2. no lo se

  3. This guy's a thief

  4. Which camera should I choose between nikon d3100 and panasonic lumix fz72? It is my first time buying to improve my skills and on a budget. Thanks. :)

  5. hahahaha, the tag still on the hat

  6. Oh my god, Kai has the correct neck strap for the first time!

  7. Video came out 4 years ago and it's still a good camera…

  8. Dave C. Bannerman

    I started out with this camera. it's got a very special place in my heart.

  9. what's the safest way to clean up the heavily dusted body of a DSLR?

  10. it's an autistic Chinese Jeremy clark with a label on his hat

  11. why has he got a label

  12. Muhammad Ibnuh

    what accent is that? england or chinese english?

  13. I bought my D3100 when it came out in 2010, and only recently did it break, it lasted me 6 years.
    Having it repaired costs as much as another D3100 second hand so I will attempt to replace the motherboard myself.
    This was my first DSLR and I do recommend it for someone who is starting with DSLR's.

  14. Chicken Grylls

    This guy is the Jeremy Clarkson of cameras. Brilliant videos!

  15. TrollerCoaster.

    Very good camera i started off 4 years ago with it i still have it and im gonna upgrade soon.

  16. Christopher Tradeshow

    Anybody else just freakin love cameras?

  17. this video is 5 years old…..don't watch

  18. Did you just buy the hat in the video because it has a tag on it

  19. this camera fuckin sucks, dont buy it, my phone camera is better than this nikon.

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