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  1. Guilherme de Souza Dias

    Nice review

  2. I'm thinking of upgrading to this from the G12 or maybe go to the full size sensor version. I'm disappointed that it doesn't seem to have the flip up / flip down / flip side ways / backwards screen which I found VERY useful on the G12.

  3. This or Panasonic LX7?

  4. astrescharmant

    Hi! I was wondering if I can have unfocused background (like a 50 mm lense)! I intend to buy this one because of the price but I really need this kind of images! Thank you in advance

  5. Great job! I was just by the Alamo yesterday too!
    Will this camera work with the larger dslr flashes by canon?

  6. which is better sonyhx400 or Canon G16 PowerShot?

  7. can you get your apeture all the way up to f11 or even higher? i really need that in some shots

  8. hey there, I'm wondering what it's like to look through the viewfinder when the camera is on? Does it display the frame edges (like on range finders) or is it just plain like when the camera is off? I figure you gotta know your composition.

    What about other info? Does it show your ISO, Tv and Av settings, like you'd see on a DSLR?

  9. seems like the price is good now too and i think cannon have been wise to keep the mega pix down and focus on the chip / manual features + lens quality, i think now they have also upgraded the video its time i put down my money and upgrade.

  10. nice, the vid comments and demonstration very usful and well put together (not trying to make it too fancy) thanks

  11. Phil rydin-orwin


  12. Ramiro Argañaraz

    habla muuuy rapido.

  13. Great review many thanks. Subbed and liked. 

  14. +Omar Correa Thank you for your great review! I'm a wannabe fine-art photographer. Just a beginner really, but I've been looking for a small pocketable camera which will help me capture those everyday moments when I can't carry my SLR. I also don't want to lose much of the settings, and this camera seems to have a manual mode. The image quality doesn't have to be SLR-like since art photography usually has its own aesthetic and sharpness, contrast and those things are less important than the vision and subject. Would you recommend this for fine-art? For what I want to use it for? Would you recommend it as a main camera for me? Thank you! :)

  15. Richard Pugsley

    Hi, Can I ask how good this camera is for Macro images? I'm trying to decide between this and the Olympus TG4



  16. Does anyone know how this would compare to the Sony Alpha a5000?

  17. Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators

    Thanks for your review, I am hoping the G16 will do a great job at night photography

  18. Omar, nice review.  I currently have a Nikon D3100, but recently had a chance to physically play with a G16.  I was very impressed with the "Burst" mode that took like 12 fps to stop action.  My D3100 is like 3 fps.  Question: I'm sick of hauling around the D3100 (+extra Sigma 200mm lens) on vacations, etc, and the D3100's video function is terrible…….would the G16 be a good total replacement for the D3100?  Or should I stick with the D3100?  I'm not in the 3/4's cameras either because again, you gotta haul lens around (even if they are small) 

  19. Fantastic review.  Nice and brief and love the sampling videos and stills.  Great job!

  20. hi I am thinking of getting this for my wife to replace her failing s90 … was going for the s120 but with the really poor battery life I am thinking of the g16 since the price difference is only 10$ right now 🙂 … how is the battery life when taking video/pics?

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