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Canon XC10 4K Camcorder “Real World Review”



  1. is it auto F ?

  2. It is so soft!

  3. Jared Polin have you ever try the Sony Rx10mk2?

  4. This camera would be perfect if you would change the lens

  5. EightOfSupreme

    Some people seem to forget that its a camcorder and NOT a DLSR…

  6. Dimitar Dimitrov

    I think that JVC 4K cams are far superior. Plus they have external stereo mic port.
    For JVC quadproof cams they still need to be upgraded from full HD to 4K. Once they do that there will be no competition on the market.

  7. Y-A d'Ouradou 为爱度

    Thank you Jared, I didnt know about that camcorder, and a friend was actually looking for a great camcorder in this price range. Will look at for that one

  8. Michael Neville

    DSLR,s have much larger sensor chips giving 2 to 3 stops more light. I dont know of anyone who can tell tell the difference between 4k and full video. DSLR is a much better option and condiderably cheaper than this camera.

  9. Now You See TV

    Great Review! You helped make up my mind to get this as a secondary.

  10. Christopher Sharpe

    Great review. We just got a couple of XC10s for all of our run-and-gun travel stuff and we love them.

  11. Jorge Pérez Ulecia

    .."at 2000$ you have a bunch of different choices out there into the market.." I'm considering buying it so can you please name some real alternatives? Just dedicated video cams, not DSLR photo-video cams please. Nice review as usual by the way ;)

  12. This or the Sony AX33?

  13. Well done Jared. I liked you review. What I like about it is that unlikely others, yours took long time and many different occasions you used. I like other reviews from other people but got a new camera and tested one day or two seem a bit not reliable to me. Real review should be more traveled with more days and different environments. Good job.

  14. what did you use to shoot this video ?
    love the image =)

  15. Yea ill choose this over any dslr …spending thousands of dollars on lenses is crazy screw that.

  16. There isn't a single consumer camera on the market right now that can record 4k properly. Meaning high frame rates (60p or 120p) and high quality compression (h265). The only way to do real 4k at the moment are these uber-expensive pro cameras (red etc) that record raw straight into a cabinet full of hard drives. Recording 4k at 30p or 25p in h264 is a complete waste of time. You're better off with full HD at 60p.

  17. AJM Videography & Filmmaking

    Hey Man, good and fair review on the XC10. I've had mine since Nov 2015 and love it. I added a Canon .8 wide angle adapter lens (WD-H58W) to it and I can get down to 21mm now. Give it a try if you can. Really makes this camera shine with it a little wider. Canon just announced a soon coming firmware update to the XC10 to improve the speed of auto-focus and a few other things. Broadcast specs & 4:2:2, what non-cinema DSLR has that? Good vid man…

  18. The real question is why did the manufactures stop making video cameras like video cameras? It's only now that they are re-inventing the old ENG over the shoulder system, but still not as good as camera design of the past. What a con-job.

  19. why does Canons NEW camcorder ( Canon XA30 ) get a fixed lens of f1.8-2.8 when this gets f2.8-5.6? oh well, can't have it all.

  20. Will be shooting a reality TV style show in a few months time, so getting prep'd soon.. for mostly on the ground run n gun.

    I'm leaning more into Zenmuse X5/X5R and that OSMO handle instead of something like this.. will have control over glass used, and recording raw if wanted with the X5R unit.. I'm guessing this X5 chip should have a stop or so slightly better low light also.. and no 30min recording limits apart from a 60min battery i guess.. and headphones out.. or can the app allow you to hear the attached ext mic ?

    anyone care to give me pluses/minus over a rig like this vs the XC10 ?

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